Should I Partner with a School Staffing Specialist

When staffing challenges are complicating day-to-day operations and preventing your district from managing teacher absences efficiently, staff morale suffers and student learning is inevitably impacted. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consult a specialist. 

A K-12 education staffing agency specializes in placing daily, long-term, and/or permanent staff in school districts across the country. Substitute staffing is simplified when you partner with a school staffing specialist—you will appreciate the advantages and notice an impact from the start. 

On the Leading Edge of K-12 Staffing

Managing your district’s teacher absences involves input from multiple personnel, both at the school building and district level. Beginning with the recruitment and credentialing of new hires, significant effort is required to find qualified candidates and ready them for placement. The ongoing coordination and management of your substitute teacher pool provide continuing challenges related to payroll, benefits, scheduling, etc.

Expect a school staffing specialist to be on the leading edge of substitute staffing. This will be reflected in a variety of important operations:

  • Recruiting – If a company specializes in school staffing, you can be sure they will cover all the bases when it comes to enthusiastic, ongoing recruitment.  By canvassing the school community with a customized recruitment campaign, a staffing agency casts a wide net. This will include in-person, print, and online advertisements to reach the widest audience. A staffing agency will locate those hard-to-find certifications and candidates with the desired skills. 
  • Credentialing – An effective school staffing specialist will be well-acquainted with both local and statewide credentialing requirements. They will utilize an automated audit system that ensures credentials are current and up-to-date. Notifications are generated and sent when credentials are due to expire. This allows substitute teachers to renew their certificates or permits, remaining in compliance and ready to continue accepting job placements without interruption.
  • Processing – Through the efforts of a team of dedicated personnel, a school staffing agency will process applications and related paperwork expeditiously. From scheduling phone screens and in-person interviews to following up on references and background checks, agency staff will quickly and efficiently engage candidates and move them through the hiring process, ultimately preparing them for training.
  • Training – Substitute teachers who receive comprehensive training are much more successful in the classroom. For this reason, a school staffing specialist will provide new employees with a standard, introductory training program specially designed to prepare them for the demands of classroom management and acquaint them with a range of effective instructional strategies. This comprehensive training, conducted by experienced K-12 administrators, prepares substitutes to be education professionals, capable of having a positive impact on student learning.

Making a Significant Difference

Though there are numerous advantages to utilizing the services of a school staffing specialist, the real difference can be seen in your district’s ability to solve problems easier and with less downtime. Whether your challenge is diminished staff morale due to low absence fill rates or a lack of qualified substitutes to fill special education placements, a staffing specialist will have the experience and the resources to customize a solution for your district. From hiring to training to managing your substitute pool, a staffing agency can help you significantly transform your absence management program and keep it running at peak efficiency.

A staffing specialist like ESS, will help you analyze data at every step and formulate a plan to address staffing issues. We leverage the latest technology applications with positive human interactions to create a strong and efficient absence management system. And we are with you for the long run, long after substitutes are hired, as we continue to manage scheduling, payroll, ongoing professional development, and even corrective action, when necessary. 

With unmatched customer service, ESS establishes roots in your community and applies the benefit of nearly two decades of industry experience. From recruiting and hiring to onboarding new staff, our personnel and transitions specialists guide the process while our operations staff continue to provide hands-on management in partnership with district administrators. All training is conducted by experienced educators to prepare substitutes to make a significant difference in your district classrooms. By focusing our vast resources and cumulative industry knowledge, we specialize in creating personalized solutions that simplify absence management and maintain instructional continuity. 

If you are seeking a school staffing specialist, contact ESS. With a wealth of national resources and the personal attention of a local management team, we will customize our approach by recruiting substitute teachers that meet your specific needs and partner with you to manage them for the long term.