ess substitute teacher classroom management
Best Practices in Substitute Teacher Classroom Management
Classroom management is the ability to maintain order so that learning can happen, and it is something every substitute teacher needs to have a firm grasp on if they are to succeed. Since substitute teachers typically accept a new challenge each day, the ability to take charge at the outset of each assignment is essential.
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ess substitute teacher dress code
Can Substitute Teachers Wear Jeans? A Guide to Substitute Teacher Dress Code
For substitute teachers, each new assignment begins by making a first impression. Each introduction sets the tone for the relationship established between substitutes and their students for the day. What we wear affects how others see us, but it also determines how we view ourselves and can influence our demeanor and productivity. Let’s consider some
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Congratulations to Our March Employees of the Month!
Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select two employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from March 2019!  
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Work 5+ Days in April for a Chance to Win These Awesome Prizes!
Attention ESS employees: If you work 5+ days in April, you’ll automatically earn an entry into our monthly drawing. The more days you work, the more chances you gain to win one of these awesome prizes! 
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Congratulations to Our March 2019 Raffle Winners!
Each month, we give away more than $1,000 worth of exciting prizes to some lucky employees who meet or exceed certain work frequency and performance qualifications. We want to reward our most dedicated people with an opportunity to win something big! We’re pleased to announce the winners of last month’s raffle:
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ess offers many substitute teacher benefits
A District’s Guide to Managing Substitute Teacher Benefits
Great benefits, along with competitive wages, are the best way to attract and retain quality substitute teachers for your school district. For many employees, benefits may be the deciding factor in choosing one job opportunity over another. They bring peace of mind and provide safeguards that allow employees to live and work with the reassurance
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ess provides substitute teachers with experience
Substitute Teacher Duties and Responsibilities: What You Should Expect from a Qualified Substitute Teacher
There are certain reasonable expectations when a substitute teacher is requested. Some are pretty basic and can be spelled out in an employee handbook: punctuality, professional attire, respectful of privacy and confidentiality. But others are more nuanced and open to interpretation. When it comes to substitute teacher duties and responsibilities, what should you expect from
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substitute teacher without a degree ess
Should I Hire a Substitute Teacher Without an Education Degree? How to Simplify the Recruiting Process
During a teacher shortage, qualified substitutes are tasked to fill classroom vacancies. In a stretch, this can include substitutes who hold a college degree unrelated to education. Through a limited licensure or emergency certification program, these degreed individuals may help to fill the void left by teacher vacancies, further depleting the number of individuals available
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substitute teacher for elementary school ess
What to Look for in a Substitute Teacher for Elementary School
Every student spends a portion of their school year under the care and direction of substitute teachers. There are the short-term absences due to illness or professional development, and there are long-term leaves for maternity or reasons falling under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). In either case, substitute teachers have a significant influence
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substitute teacher requirements for ess
Substitute Teacher Requirements You Should Never Have to Compromise On
Quality substitute teachers are vital to the continuity of instruction when teachers are inevitably absent. They allow instruction to continue uninterrupted and ensure that students are supervised and cared for by a responsible educator. But when supply does not equal demand, can districts compromise on the requirements for substitute teacher candidates? The short answer is
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