Long term substitute teachers with ess
What Is a Long-Term Substitute Teacher?
All students encounter substitute teachers throughout the course of their K-12 experience. These occurrences can be brief and fleeting for some students, but others may be under the care and guidance of a substitute teacher for a significant period of time. Whether during an extended illness or maternity leave of the regular teacher, or due
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Congratulations to Our February Employees of the Month!
Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select two employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from February 2019!
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substitute teachers are employees of ess
Are Substitute Teachers Considered Employees? How To Manage Your Substitute Staff
Substitute teachers are a special group of educators that play an important role in school districts across the country. A crucial subset of education professionals and one that no district could succeed without, substitute teachers play a vital role in classroom instruction. But are substitute teachers considered employees? What kind of management do substitute staff
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manage your budget in your school with less
A School Administrator’s Guide to Financial Management in Education
Financial management in education is one of the most essential and challenging aspects of a school administrator’s job. Critical to a school district’s educational mission, the dedication of financial resources and their effective management directly impact student achievement. School leaders have the complex task of matching available resources, monetary and human, with their educational initiatives.
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2019 Ultimate School Budgeting Planning Worksheet banner
The Ultimate School Budget Planning Worksheet
Budgeting for substitute teachers can present quite a challenge to cash-strapped school districts across the country. In addition to anticipated expenses, the related costs can accrue, quickly getting out of hand if you do not have a solid understanding of what you are spending annually for this important line item. It can be easy to
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Work 5+ Days in March for a Chance to Win These Awesome Prizes!
Attention ESS employees: If you work 5+ days in March, you’ll automatically earn an entry into our monthly drawing. The more days you work, the more chances you gain to win one of these awesome prizes! 
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Congratulations to Our February 2019 Raffle Winners!
Each month, we give away more than $1,000 worth of exciting prizes to some lucky employees who meet or exceed certain work frequency and performance qualifications. We want to reward our most dedicated people with an opportunity to win something big! We’re pleased to announce the winners of last month’s raffle:
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ess substitute teacher database absence management
How School Districts Can Benefit from a Substitute Teacher Database
Inadequate access to quality substitute teachers to fill absences can have serious negative effects on school districts, hindering operational efficiency and student achievement. Many districts fill assignments by manually calling their substitute pool the morning of an absence, but they are frequently faced with repeated rejection before finding someone to take the job. Thankfully, districts
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staffing your district during the teacher shortage
Understanding Teacher Shortages: What My District Can Do
The United States is dealing with a teacher shortage, but what does this mean for individual schools and districts? National data reveals a great deal of variability in the shortage from state to state and district to district. While there is some indication that special education, math, science, bilingual, and career and technical education are
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best practices in teaching and learning less
Best Practices in Teaching and Learning in Elementary School
These days, engaging elementary students in meaningful learning is no easy task. Both teaching and learning have evolved in the 21st century. With a wealth of information as close as the nearest device, kids need different skills than their parents did. By appealing to their curiosity and giving them the proper tools, teachers—no matter if
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