School Districts

Our Approach

Many of our clients consider us an extension of their HR department. Most often, we’re hired to provide substitute teachers and end up expanding our services as our comprehensive customer service and high-performing results are quickly realized.

What do we do differently?

Our transition is seamless. Your support is endless.

Backed by our dynamic corporate infrastructure, your dedicated district manager and local operations team facilitate the smooth implementation of our program, transition your current staff, recruit additional talent, provide custom reporting, and offer daily leadership and support.

We recruit – 365 days a year.

We apply time, effort, and resources to recruitment to a degree that very few districts would be able to replicate. Most districts post jobs on their website and hope for response. We tap into a diverse array of marketing avenues to get maximum exposure, with a strong focus on hiring from within your local community.

Robust training results in top-quality talent.

Many districts bring in new personnel and hope for the best. We set our candidates up for success through training and defined expectations. Our team of former educators and administrators offer specialized training geared toward each environment, including a separate tract for special education. We know that employees who are going to last must feel confident and prepared from day one – and our training does that.

Exceptional employee treatment promotes retention.

Our employees are offered a variety of insurance options and can participate in our 401(k) plan. Aside from benefits, we carry out several key programs to boost employee satisfaction, including an employee discount program; monthly and annual awards to recognize top-performers; and incentive programs to encourage frequent, high quality work.

“Hire and nurture” beats “hire and hope.”

Our employee engagement center reaches out to new hires to get them acclimated and capture their aspirations. Do they want to work every day or once a week – elementary or high school? The more we learn, the easier we can help them find success in assignments they’ll enjoy.

We don’t believe in one size fits all.

Offering an expansive range of options, our program is custom-designed to address each of our partner district’s unique goals and challenges. And throughout our partnership, your district retains full control.

17 years of data guides our efforts.

We understand your district’s emphasis on making data-based decisions, and we apply that value to our operations. Over the past 17 years, we’ve collected invaluable data surrounding absentee trends in hundreds of U.S. school districts. With clear insights into which days and months yield the highest absences, we’re able to proactively strategize.