Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider ESS | Source4Teachers to provide my district with staffing support?

As your partner, ESS | Source4Teachers will recruit non-stop, year-round providing your district with highly qualified employees. Each applicant undergoes an in-person training program directed by veteran educators. A locally-based management team will be present in your district, managing all aspects of the program and working with your administration to ensure the program is meeting your every need. We apply a tremendous amount of resources behind our partner relationships and it yields results.

If I partner with ESS | Source4Teachers, will my fill rate improve?

ESS | Source4Teachers prides itself in improving the fill rates of our partner districts. Whether your district program is self-operated or presently outsourced, ESS | Source4Teachers is the proven solution to providing higher fill rates. Our team will work with your district to determine the factors contributing to your current fill rates and formulate a plan for improvement.

Can ESS | Source4Teachers save my district money?

For many of our clients, there are cost savings – but many of our clients will tell you that’s not the driver of their decision to partner with us. We apply the time, effort, and resources necessary to aggressively recruit and build a skilled and qualified talent pool who wants to come to work each day. By doing so, our clients experience not only improved fill rates, but a dramatic decrease in administrative burden.

What tools do you use to manage absences?

We use ESS | Source4Teachers Absentee Management System (SAMS), the same software as Frontline Education’s Absence and Time, formally known as Aesop.

What changes if I already use a web-based absence management system?

Whether your district presently uses Aesop, another management system, or no system at all, implementing ESS | Source4Teachers Absentee Management System (SAMS) is simple and streamlined. There is no hardware installation required, and our SAMS experts will import all necessary data, reducing strain on your administration.

Does your program track the time and attendance of the staff you provide to my district?

Yes, ESS | Source4Teachers will track the time and attendance of the staff that we provide to your schools. Your district will always know who is working and what schools they are working in.

How many clients does ESS | Source4Teachers have?

We currently work with more than 280 partners throughout various states in the U.S. and successfully transitioned over 4,000 schools.

If my district partners with ESS | Source4Teachers, do I pay my substitutes or do you?

Each employee placed by ESS | Source4Teachers will be paid by ESS | Source4Teachers. Our finance department handles all payroll responsibilities. We absorb the costs and processes associated with payroll for these positions, freeing up your district resources.

What benefits do you provide the employees who work for you?

Our employees are our most important asset. Regardless of how many hours they work, they are offered a range of benefits and additional employee advantages including, but not limited to:

  • Healthcare
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • 401(k)
  • Weekly pay
  • Consumer discount program
  • Incentive programs
  • Ongoing training opportunities
  • Comprehensive support
Do your employees undergo background checks?

Absolutely. Each ESS | Source4Teachers employee is guaranteed to be 100% compliant using the same background checks and clearances that your district presently uses. Our credentialing standards strictly match those of your district and state.

Do you train your employees?

Yes. All employees participate in ESS | Source4Teachers’ multifaceted training program based on their position. The program consists of a face-to-face training seminar in your community, supplementary online training courses, and regular ongoing training initiatives throughout the year. Trainings are customized to both district and state standards.

I'm interested in learning more. What should I do next?

To learn more, please contact our team by clicking the “Connect with a Representative” button at the top of this webpage and filling out the contact form. Our business development team will arrange a meeting so that we can begin building a program that meets your district’s specific needs.