Welcome to the Proximity Learning Support Page!

Now part of the ESS family, Proximity Learning leverages national resources to provide an innovative solution to school districts in need of certified teachers. We connect students to qualified instructors through an interactive, live, online instruction model.

Chat with Us

We’re pleased to offer our dedicated virtual teachers a quick and convenient option for employee support through our live chat feature. Click the button below to instantly connect with a Proximity Learning representative who can help resolve issues such as:

  • Students need to be enrolled
  • Nobody is in the classroom
  • Students need access to curriculum
  • Something is not working properly
  • Password needs to be reset
  • And so much more!
About ESS

ESS is the nation’s largest education-exclusive staffing company. We provide full-service substitute, permanent, and virtual staffing and management to 700+ school districts across 27 states. With more than 19 years of experience, we specialize in recruitment, credentialing, benefits, payroll, web-based systems, administrative relief, and localized support.