Why Data Analysis Will Improve Your Substitute Program

Many school districts neglect to monitor and track employee absence and substitute assignment data. While this information may seem one-dimensional, it can be leveraged to solve many substitute program problems.

Value Your Substitutes: How District Support Makes A Difference

Many school districts overlook the importance of offering support to their substitute staff. By properly supporting substitutes, districts can maximize retention, work performance, working frequency, and more. Learn what your district can easily do to better support your substitute workforce and improve retention.

Recruiting substitutes effectively to fill district absences.

While many districts don’t have an adequate substitute pool to meet their employee absence needs, few have considered implementing a more effective substitute recruitment plan. The most effective substitute recruitment campaigns are far-reaching, multifaceted, and ongoing. Read further to learn how you can improve the substitute recruitment program in your district.

The importance of providing training to substitutes.

Students rely on substitutes to provide a quality education in the absence of their regular teacher. Unfortunately, many substitutes are provided little to no preparatory training prior to being responsible for a classroom. Is your district providing substitutes the training necessary to promote student achievement?

The Super Substitute Difference

There is an important distinction between a substitute and a “super substitute”. In the absence of a regular school teacher, a substitute has the critically important job of providing continued, comprehensive education to the students in that classroom. While a regular substitute may meet the minimum requirements to supervise that classroom’s students, a super substitute goes above and beyond to be an effective educator and a valuable member of your district team.

Super substitutes are highly qualified, extensively trained, well prepared, and supported by the district they work in. These attributes produce more a confident and capable substitute, as well as more effective learning days for your students. Super substitutes also understand your district’s community and work in your schools more frequently, filling absences more often than regular substitutes

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Preparing the Education System for a $15 minimum Wage

With New York and California already on the road to a $15 an hour minimum wage and many other states increasing their minimum as well, even without an increase in the federal minimum, the noble profession of teaching is becomingly increasingly less attractive as a career choice. The trend is becoming more apparent, as many school districts struggle to fill the 10% of teachers who are absent on a typical day with substitutes. Projections say it will be similarly difficult to fill full-time teaching positions in the not-too distant future.