Types of Service

From day-to-day absences to permanent vacancies, we provide highly-qualified and well-trained talent that have positive impact on the schools they serve.

Daily Substitutes

Continuity in curriculum and support services shouldn’t suffer when teachers take a day off. Our automated absentee management software works 24/7 to slot qualified substitutes into open assignments, and our dedicated employee engagement team works extended hours finding people to fill every position – including last-minute call-outs.

Long-Term Substitutes

When teachers and staff are absent for extended periods, it’s extra important to place candidates with the specific certifications, skills, and experience to seamlessly carry out the role. By niche recruiting for talent with high-demand and less common certifications, we’re prepared to cover even the hardest-to-fill assignments.

Vacancy Management

Substitute staffing is not our sole focus – we can also fill permanent school support positions such as paraprofessionals and secretaries. We have the resources to provide assignment-specific training to our staff, as well as a continuous level of guidance that districts generally cannot accomplish through self-operation.