Over the years, many of the school districts we serve, as well as our employees, have shared positive feedback about our organization. It’s a great source of pride to know that we’re recognized for what we’ve set out to do – deliver quality, ensure results, and make things less complicated for districts and employees alike.

District Partners

“We first began working with ESS when our division was going through challenging budget times. They were nothing but kind and patient, taking the time to listen to our concerns. We had some very hard decisions to make, but they were always available to answer questions and to calculate the cost of doing things another way. They are a company of integrity and great caring, and I would gladly work with them again.”

Mid-Atlantic United States - Operations & Support

“I’ve worked in five school districts over the years. Without any hesitation, I can say that ESS is the most effective service I’ve used to provide continuity and consistency of instruction when paraprofessionals or teachers are absent from class. ESS sends representatives to our district regularly to confer about the district’s concerns, if any such arise. They are a highly professional service.”

New Jersey - Superintendent

“Since our partnership began in 2009, ESS has always been responsive, efficient, and dedicated to meeting our district’s every need. They consistently deliver high fill rates throughout the school year and work diligently to address our hardest-to-fill vacancies. ESS opens us up to a broad audience of recent college graduates from a greater geographic area than we could ever approach – several of whom we’ve hired permanently. We’re also very pleased with the close working relationship the management team has developed with our administration; they work collaboratively to solve any issue throughout the district. I would recommend ESS to any district looking to outsource their substitute services.”

New Jersey - Superintendent

“We began working with ESS when our district was undergoing tremendous challenges. They not only provided a financial solution to part of our challenges, but far more importantly, made good on every promise, helping to calm a worried staff. I have found in subsequent dealings, they stick to their word, are innovative in finding solutions that make for a win-win environment, and they truly care. I strongly recommend ESS; they’re outstanding.”

Northwest United States - Chief Deputy Superintendent

“I’ve had a great year thus far with the ESS staff. They have been extremely helpful and efficient, are willing to answer all my questions immediately, and have sent me up-to-date information whenever I request it. All our absences have been filled – even the last-minute ones! The team is dedicated to the schools they service!”

Rhode Island - Principal

“ESS leadership brings more than three decades of experience working with school districts in various capacities. Their VP of Operations has spent the past ten years working specifically with substitute teacher staffing. We think they’re a great fit for our district and we’re looking forward to the transition.”

South Central United States - Director of Schools

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with ESS over the last 3 years. I found that they build great professional relationships with our staff; they’re dedicated to helping us achieve our goals, and making sure our school system is successful. In my 30 years in education, I have never worked with a company that truly cared about their customers’ wellbeing, as well as our school system’s success, more than ESS has! I would recommend working with them as I believe they will help your school system as they have ours.”

Southeastern United States - Assistant Superintendent

“Our partnership has benefited greatly from ESS’ streamlined processes, expansive substitute pool, and responsive management team. We have experienced a notable improvement in our substitute and paraprofessional programs through increases in substitute placement efficiency, quality paraprofessionals, as well as a rise in our daily fill rates. The substitute and paraprofessional staff have been a pleasure to work with and ESS has always gone above and beyond to support our district.”

Southern New Jersey - Superintendent

“As a superintendent, I had the pleasure of working with ESS when they took on a contract agreement with our schools. My goal was to take the time and energy we were expending on human resources for this department and to partner with a reputable company who could take over those duties, while increasing the quality of services. In addition, I wanted to save dollars. The team we worked with always made sure our questions were answered, and in timely fashion. I believe you’ll find them to be a great partner – they’ll do everything they say they will. By the off chance there is ever a problem, they’re only a phone call away and will quickly rectify any issue.”

Southwest United States - Superintendent

“I worked with ESS while serving as a Division Superintendent in Virginia. I found them to be very responsive to my requests and quick to follow-up if I had questions or needed more information about a situation. They were supportive of our needs and appreciated the complexities of running a school division. Their team listened to what we needed, developed strategies to accomplish those objectives, and implemented and followed-through with a plan. They stick to their word and look out for the best interests of their customers. An organization cannot go wrong if they partner with ESS.”

Virginia - Superintendent

“Tomorrow our teachers are in day 2 of their COMP workshop, and we will have 18 teachers out for that purpose. ESS has been in frequent communication with my secretary and has worked very hard to get all openings filled. They’ve done a great job.”

Western Pennsylvania - Principal
ESS Employees

“ESS is a great company to work for. They care about their employees and truly work for their customers. I also love that the company supports education. ESS is a great company to join and is growing very quickly.”

Current Employee - Substitute Employee

“The systems for subbing through ESS are centralized and streamlined, which makes working with them really great. They have an easy to use central database of openings and do a good job of placing teachers in jobs that suit them.”

Former Employee

“ESS is the best substitute teaching firm to work for. They have good school district choices, the work access is top-notch, and they use easily accessible technology. Their communication with employees is exceptional; they respond to emails and phone calls within a reasonable time limit.”

New Jersey - Current Substitute Teacher

“They go out of their way to make sure that you always have quality work. They always go above and beyond to ensure their employees are satisfied.”

New Jersey - Permanent Employee

“The ESS staff is incredibly friendly. They value you as a person and an employee. They truly want you to have a positive work experience. I felt more than comfortable going to someone whenever I had an issue, knowing that it would be resolved. They also keep you on file for as long as you want. I took an 8 month break from subbing, and the day I wanted to go back to work all I needed to do was log onto the computer.”

Pennsylvania - Substitute Teacher

“ESS is a great company with supportive management, awesome colleagues, and terrific hours. I love going to different schools and meeting new students.”

Rhode Island - Substitute Teacher