best practices in teaching and learning less
Best Practices in Teaching and Learning in Elementary School
These days, engaging elementary students in meaningful learning is no easy task. Both teaching and learning have evolved in the 21st century. With a wealth of information as close as the nearest device, kids need different skills than their parents did. By appealing to their curiosity and giving them the proper tools, teachers—no matter if
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ESS Issues 12 Grants to Washington County, UT Teachers
Together with the Washington County School District Foundation, ESS recently issued 12 grants to teachers for education supplies for their classrooms. Grant requests were submitted by teachers seeking funds for school supplies, technology, books, learning tools, and more. On January 24th, ESS Executive Vice President Rick Sanchez, ESS Regional Manager Joseph Fitzgerald, ESS Area Manager
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teacher placement agency
What To Look For When Working with a Substitute Teacher Placement Agency
So, you have decided to seek the assistance of a substitute teacher placement agency to help you build a strong pool of quality substitute teachers. Where do you go from here? There are more than a few options to choose from when considering an agency, but how do they sort out and what exactly should
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Congratulations to Our January Employees of the Month!
Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select two employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from January 2019!
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effective financial management in schools
6 Strategies for Effective Financial Management in K-12 Schools
Managing school district finances effectively requires a complicated series of day-to-day, monthly, and annual tasks administered by finance officers at the district level. From creating and balancing budgets, to managing contracts, paying vendors, and maintaining assets, all functions are geared toward aligning desired student outcomes with available resources. In many states, schools are forced to
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Putnam Subs of the Year 2019
Congratulations to Our Putnam County Substitute of the Year Honorees!
  On January 24th, the Putnam County School District in Florida held its annual Teacher of the Year Banquet – and the district kindly included ESS in the festivities! We were proud to honor three substitutes with a Substitute of the Year Award – one from each area of the county. These three outstanding substitutes
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Work 5+ Days in February for a Chance to Win These Awesome Prizes!
Attention ESS employees: If you work 5+ days in February, you’ll automatically earn an entry into our monthly drawing. The more days you work, the more chances you gain to win one of these awesome prizes! 
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best practices in education
Best Practices in Education Resource Management
As school districts monitor and evaluate education resource management, one item can always be found high on their list of concerns. Because of a nationwide shortage of qualified teachers, staffing has become a particularly challenging aspect of school operations, one that is straining the resources of individual school districts. How does a district find the
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best instructional strategies for teachers ess
How Hiring Substitute Teachers Can Support Best Instructional Strategies
Research by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute suggests that a ten-day increase in teacher absenteeism per year represents a learning loss of 6-10 days in English language arts and up to 15-25 days in math. When that teacher returns, there is often additional work setting the classroom to rights and resolving interpersonal or behavioral issues
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Congratulations to Our January 2019 Raffle Winners!
Each month, we give away more than $1,000 worth of exciting prizes to some lucky employees who meet or exceed certain work frequency and performance qualifications. We want to reward our most dedicated people with an opportunity to win something big! We’re pleased to announce the winners of last month’s raffle:
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