7 Tips to Help Ease Your Child into the New School Year

Back to school is such an exciting time of year, but the start can always bring a bit of uncertainty for adults and children alike. These helpful tips can prepare everyone for a successful year ahead.

Set goals

Ask your child what they are most excited about. Their answers can help you both set attainable goals for the school year.

Schedule academic time.

What better way to prepare for school than by incorporating some educational time during your day? It could be reading together, investigating their favorite topic, or collaborating on a new recipe.

Practice your new back-to-school routine.

Children thrive on routines! Start your new daily routine before the school year starts so the first week of school isn’t as overwhelming for all involved.

Let your child pick out school supplies.

Even if you are on a budget, allowing your child to have a say in a few customizable items will excite them for back to school.

Allow your child to make mistakes.

No one is perfect, and knowing that mistakes will happen – and are part of the learning process – can reduce the stress on your child when they return to school.

Discuss their fears.

Talk to your child about anything that makes them worry, or feel uneasy about school starting again. Take this time to help talk them through possible solutions.

Help your child see the bigger picture.

Delayed gratification is not an easily understood concept, especially for young students. Help your child understand the importance of education for their future.

ESS would like to wish everyone a successful and fulfilling 2023-2024 school year!

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