Congratulations to Our April Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from April 2021!

Debra Buck
Athens Area School District, PA

Debra was nominated by Principal John Toscano, who wrote: “Mrs. Buck has served as a building-based substitute for us this year. Having her at our school every day has been a huge asset. We change her assignments almost daily to ensure that she is covering classrooms that other subs cannot handle. She has done a great job stepping in for several teachers who were out for extended periods due to COVID-19 issues.

Mrs. Buck is a self-starter and requires little to no direction when completing her daily job requirements. She never sits in the classroom when her students are at recess or specials. Most days she’ll come to the office and ask where else we need assistance, or she’ll lend a hand in the office while she’s free. She has even figured out several functions of our copier that we were previously unaware of. Mrs. Buck does a great job on a daily basis for our school.”

Tera Pollard
Montgomery County Schools, NC

Tera was nominated by ESS Recruiter Courtney Robinson, who wrote: “Tera always walks into a school with a smile on her face and has made connections with students, parents, and district staff ever since she started with us. Throughout the pandemic, she has been picking up substitute assignments virtually and in-person. I can’t thank her enough for the thoughtfulness and passion she shows while in the classroom. She is currently working as a long-term sub and has had such a positive impact on the school.”

Scott Wood
Reynolds School District, OR

Scott was nominated by Assistant Secretary Nicole Jackson, who wrote: “Scott has been nothing short of amazing throughout Comprehensive Distance Learning. He has consistently demonstrated flexibility and is extremely communicative. He keeps me informed on Microsoft Teams about how the day is going and always reaches out promptly if any issue arises. We greatly appreciate his hard work and would welcome him back into our building anytime – virtually or in-person!”

Billy Little
St. Clair County Schools, AL

Billy was nominated by Moody High School Principal Christopher Walters, who wrote: “For the last eight years, Billy Little has been the definition of a support employee at Moody High School. Billy is a bus driver on paper for St. Clair County Schools. However, he has stepped in as a substitute teacher for the last three years and is one of the biggest helps that we’ve ever had at MHS.

Three years ago we needed a sub to step in as an aide and due to the logistics of the situation, he stayed for an extended period of time on multiple instances. He did this while serving as a substitute through ESS. He has done everything and anything asked of him without complaint, and his positive attitude has impacted our students. There have been numerous times where he has made sure students and policies were running correctly.

More importantly, students believe they can trust Mr. Little. Students on his bus confide in him to the point that we can provide help for those students. It would be difficult for Moody High School and our special education department to be as efficient without the help of Billy Little. He is one of the substitutes that we can count on to show up every day.

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!