Congratulations to Our April Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from April 2022!

Kelly Kolander
Lincoln County R-III School District, MO

Kelly was nominated by Holly Hite, Principal at Lincoln Elementary, who wrote: “We would like to recognize Mrs. Kelly Kolander for all her amazing abilities. Kelly is always flexible and ready for anything we ask of her. She has wonderful classroom management skills and is very student oriented. Using her humor, she can diffuse tension and stress, and promote creative understanding. When we have special fun dress-up days, you can count on Kelly to participate! Kelly has proven to be very reliable and has built a trusting rapport with all of our staff members. Our teachers know that when they have Kelly as a substitute they can count on all the necessary classwork to get done as intended and Kelly will leave very detailed notes for their return. Our staff appreciate an engaged colleague, and students respond to her passion. They recognize educators who sincerely care about their experience and success.”

Irene Etcitty
Gallup McKinley County Schools, NM

Irene was nominated three times for the month of April! Tamara Thomas, Educational Assistant at Crownpoint Elementary School, wrote: “Ms. Etcitty has shown dedication and willingness to come into the school when needed. She is attentive, on time and very eager to help keep the educational process continuing for the students and school. She is gentle, but stern with her students and she is helpful and uplifting with them. She’s always smiling and presents a warm and inviting atmosphere towards everyone she meets. Ms. Etcitty is our Exceptional Substitute at CES!!”

Irene was also nominated by Jennifer Wade, Teacher at Crownpoint Elementary School, who wrote: “She goes out of her way to drop everything and be present whenever the school calls on her. She goes above and beyond following lesson plans and ensuring the health and well-being of the students which she has charge of.”

Her third nomination came from Riss Robinson, Principal at Crownpoint Elementary School, who wrote: “Ms. Irene Etcitty’s job title goes beyond that of substitute–she is family. A retired public schools educator, Ms. Etcitty devotes her time to our school. We can always count on her to support us in our time of need. She brings a wealth of educational knowledge, authenticity, equity, and love to our school. She helps students to understand the importance of learning and helps them to see the value they possess.”

Ichiko Kreger
Southern Tioga School District, PA

Ichiko was nominated by William Swingle, Principal at Blossburg Elementary School, who wrote: “Mrs. Kreger is the epitome of an educational professional! She is consistently student-centered and goal-driven. She continually includes celebrating the growth of students in everything that she does. Her flexibility (Art Substitute and Building-Based Substitute roles) and adaptability on a moment’s notice is unparalleled. Mrs. Kreger sets the standard for all educational professionals – not only are our children benefiting from every moment with her, our entire industry is strengthened by having her involvement.”

Veronica Rodriguez
Adams County School District 14, CO

Veronica Rodriguez was nominated twice last month! Liza Macias, Office Manager and Secretary to the Principal at Kearney Middle School, wrote: “Veronica Rodriguez has a great work ethic. She is here rain or shine! Veronica has teaching experience and you can see this in the way she helps our students. Veronica is very flexible. We can put her in any grade and in any classroom and know our students will learn. Kearney is proud to have Veronica Rodriguez as one of our own.”

Veronica was also nominated by Alma Lopez, Secretary at Kearney Middle School, who wrote: “Veronica is such a great person overall. The students love her and she is able to teach no matter what. The students are always asking for her and so are we. She helps where ever she is needed either in the classroom or in the front office. Ms. Veronica is so helpful and just so genuinely pleasant. She is a wonderful hard working woman and Kearney is very lucky to have her.”

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!