Congratulations to Our April Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from April 2023!

Kassie Russell
DeWitt School District, AR

Kassie was nominated by Joli Holzhauer, Art Teacher at DeWitt Elementary School, who wrote: “Kassie works almost every day at our school. She will do any job as a substitute, and she cares about all of the students. She is always on time, and she comes prepared. She subbed three days for me this semester, and she gave me updates about the great work the students were producing while I was gone. I came back to a clean and neat classroom which was wonderful! Kassie will help and volunteer to do what is needed. She is a real asset to our school!”

Benjamin Greer
Santa Rosa County District Schools, FL

Benjamin was nominated by Cheryl Retherford, Assistant Bookkeeper at Milton High School, who wrote: “Mr. Greer has a heart for teaching and it shows in the way he is able to build rapport with the students and encourage them to learn. Mr. Greer spent two weeks with us in an Intensive Reading class that had a teacher vacancy. That class had a reputation for being a challenging class. After a few days of getting to know the students, he could tell what they needed help with and what strategies would help them learn. He brought in his own study material that he created himself, and really made an effort to teach the students as much as he could for the time that he would be with them. Mr. Greer even made recommendations to our administration for ways they could meet the students’ needs until a teacher could be hired.

The students really respond well to Mr. Greer. He was signing out one afternoon when I overheard a student walk by and excitedly greet Coach Greer and asked if he would be coming back the next day. The student was looking forward to being in his class again!

Not only do our students love him, but our staff has great things to say about him as well. Our math department chairperson recently commented that Mr. Greer is amazing after observing him in a math class. Originally, Mr. Greer’s subbing preference was English/Language Arts but he readily takes on any class we ask him to cover, and he goes out of his way to come help us when we need him. It is a pleasure getting to work with Mr. Greer as he makes a difference in the lives of our students. For that, I nominate him for ESS Employee of the Month!”

David McNeal
Union Public Schools, OK

David was nominated by Amber Lawson, Principal’s Secretary at Union 6/7 Grade Center, who wrote: “Mr. McNeal stepped into a long term sub position for us shortly after the beginning of the year. This position has had a lot of upheavel this school year and the students were struggling with behavior issues, as well as academics. Mr. McNeal has developed relationships with these students and they are excelling. The behavior turn around is amazing. Their testing scores have drastically improved. He shows up every day with a smile, and is always happy to step in and fill a gap during his planning period. He is a joy to work with and we are delighted he is here. ESS should recognize his dedication and the positive face he provides as your representative in our building.”

Mary Dwaileebe
Ogden School District, UT

Mary was nominated by Maridee Harrison, Principal at East Ridge Elementary, who wrote: “Here are a few examples of why we think Mary is exceptional!

Mary is amazing! She does an excellent job of managing my class, and also engaging them in the lessons I leave for her in my sub plans. When I see an email that says Mary is taking my class, I literally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they are in good hands and that a high level of learning will take place. My students are always happy to see her and run to give her hugs and high fives. As a parent of a student at East Ridge, I can also attest to how much students love her from a personal perspective. My daughter has said more than once on the way to school that she hopes that she has Ms. Mary today. (My daughter LOVES her teacher, so her wanting a day with Mary instead tells you how much she adores her). She even insisted that we buy Mary a Christmas present along with her classroom teacher.

My first grade students love Ms. Mary! Anytime I know I’ll be out and they hear that she will be their substitute, they are so excited. She is amazing with the kids and they always have so much fun. As a teacher, I know that when she is in my classroom, the students are in great hands. I don’t ever have to worry about how the day will go. I know the students will still get the lessons needed and have fun! We love Ms. Mary!

Mary is a wonderful guest teacher in our school! The students in my class are excited when they know she is going to teach. Mary has excellent classroom management skills and the ‘climate’ in the classroom is positive. She follows teacher lesson plans to ensure students maintain their learning with little interruption. There is always a smile on Mary’s face when she enters our grade level area. We really appreciate what she does for our school!

Mary is an exceptional site substitute here at East Ridge. When I know that Mary is covering my kindergarten class I have peace of mind. I can always rely on her to come into my classroom, follow our routine, build relationships with my students, and set the same expectations as I do. Not only do I look forward to her coming into our classroom, my students do too. They even brought her Valentine’s Day presents and said, ‘This one’s for you, teacher, make sure Ms. Mary gets this one.’ When it comes to handling difficult behaviors she follows my notes and handles situations with ease. I have one student in particular that needs his routine kept the same and when I am gone Mary does a great job of meeting his accommodations. We value and appreciate all that Mary does for us at East Ridge and this is why we all believe that she deserves Employee of the Month!

Mary has subbed for me a few times and I always know when she does that my class is in good hands. When I’ve worked with her at times when she has subbed for other teachers on my team, I’m struck by how effortlessly she takes command of the classroom, all with a smile on her face. She really is a gem that we couldn’t go on without at East Ridge.

Mary is an exceptional site substitute! She has subbed in my classroom a few times this year. I always have a great feeling knowing she is subbing in my room. Mary is a great role model for my students, she sets high expectations for them, and is very consistent. She knows our curriculum very well and that is so helpful when she subs in my class. She works hard at creating relationships with each student and they love to see her in passing. She makes the students feel safe when she is around. We love having Mary at East Ridge!!

I can always count on Mary to have everything running smoothly in my classroom when I am gone. She goes above and beyond to help each student with whatever activities they are doing that day. Mary is great at building positive relationships with all of the students at our school, and they are all so excited whenever they see her. Mary is super positive and creates a great atmosphere in the classroom when she is here. I am so glad she is at our school!

Mary is an amazing substitute! The interactions I have had with her have always been positive. She has subbed in my classroom and the kids love her! She follows through on the lesson plans and leaves great notes. She ensures the classroom is orderly when she leaves for the day. As she has subbed for other teammates, she does great asking questions for things that may not be very clear. She has a great attitude and is fantastic at what she does!”

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!