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School districts across Utah are experiencing budget cuts, and unfortunately, a recent ballot measure to raise funds for school districts didn’t pass. As the cost of education rises due to new technological needs and an increasing number of students, school administrators must find a way to do more with less.

How can Salt Lake City school district find and hire qualified substitute teachers on a tight budget? Absenteeism is at an all-time high, especially among substitutes. Meanwhile, pension costs are escalating for permanent staff. Educators must find a long-term solution that works for them.

If you’re struggling with staffing problems, solve them with ESS. We provide qualified, trained substitute and permanent staff for budget-friendly rates—even on short notice.

ESS Offers the Best Substitute Teacher Staffing in Salt Lake City

Choosing ESS as your long-term staffing solution saves you time and money. It makes the school year run more smoothly and is one less problem you need to worry about. Why? Because hiring substitute teachers yourself is time consuming. Substitute teachers require recruitment, vetting, training, and management. It’s a lot of work and can bog down your administration staff.

Instead, let us handle the entire hiring, training, management, discipline, scheduling, and retention process. Everyday we maintain our position as the best substitute and permanent employee provider for K-12 schools nationwide by delivering on promises to our clients and by providing opportunity to our employees. And we’re proud to enhance the communities we serve by offering good jobs for substitute teachers and great substitute teachers for students.

How do you know you can count on ESS and our staff? Because our teachers are happy. Substitute teachers are just as important as permanent teachers, and we treat them that way. And by treating our teachers well, we know they’ll do an excellent job.

Here’s How Our Education Staffing Agency in Salt Lake City Can Help You

It doesn’t matter what day it is: 10-15% of teachers will be absent nationally. Instead of looking for substitute teachers from your school system’s database, let us provide a quality, vetted substitute who will show up on time and fully prepared to deliver the lesson plan as intended. And by engaging ESS, you can be confident teacher absences will be covered, long before they occur. Here’s how we plan ahead to make your school year run more smoothly, and to give you peace of mind:

  • We know what wages should be. While school districts are charged with setting wages, they may not know what competitive daily or hourly rates should be. ESS keeps up with local rate expectations so you don’t have to.
  • We install an ESS manager in your school district who will handle all substitute staffing. This means you’ll have a dedicated point of contact who will get to know your specific needs and requirements.
  • We provide in-person and online training to every teacher we hire. While other staffing agencies only offer online training, we give our substitute teachers the focused attention they need to be successful, including in-person training. We hire retired superintendents to perform these training sessions—people who have a lifetime of experience in many areas within a school district.
  • We handle the entire staffing and retention process. Sending you a qualified staff member doesn’t mean our job is done. We manage every employee we hire throughout their career with us. That includes professional development, helping them engage students in the classroom, training them on changing security and safety measures, or issuing performance warnings. This ensures ESS staff do an outstanding job, every day they set foot on campus.
  • We keep you informed with incident reporting capabilities. If problems arise, we make sure you know about it quickly with our superior incident reporting capabilities.
  • We are detail-oriented and transparent. We pay attention to the details; in our hiring, training, and performance monitoring. And we’re transparent in our operations. So if you want to know anything about how we work, just ask. It’s how we put our relationship with our clients first and help them achieve their goals.

When You Need Quality Teaching Staff in Salt Lake City, Contact ESS

Your students need you. Parents need you. So why not focus all your attention on them? Free yourself from worrying about staffing challenges by letting ESS do the work for you. We make sure there’s trained staff ready to work within your district, every day. And that lets you get back to doing what you do best—educating tomorrow’s leaders.

Don’t let substitute teacher staffing in Salt Lake City school district drain your resources a day longer. Contact ESS. We’ll spend time learning about your district, understanding the challenges you’re facing and come up with ways we can help improve your district. And before you decide, we’d be glad to present our ideas to your Board or other administrators. So let’s talk. We can come up with a plan that meets your budget and makes sure you don’t have to struggle looking for substitutes on short notice, ever again.

Contact ESS if you’re looking for highly qualified and affordable teachers, either on a substitute or permanent basis. We can send a fully-vetted substitute teacher to your school who is ready to teach, even on a short notice.