Congratulations to Our September Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from September 2019!

Sonia Small
Duval County Public Schools, FL

Sonia was nominated by First Coast High School Secretary Renee Blazek, who wrote: “Ms. Small is always willing to help out with whatever we need. She will cover a class without reservation or hesitation. Our students actually come to my office and ask if Ms. Small is on campus. She is well educated and brings that feel into her classrooms. She has great classroom management and teaches the lesson plan. I do everything in my power to keep her at our school every day during the school year. She has been in a vacant position since the 1st day of school and continues to bring a willingness to teach and help kids. Ms. Small needs to be recognized for her outstanding achievements in the field of education, and I hope this can be one small way to do that.”

Mya Lorenz
Tippecanoe School Corporation, IN

Mya was nominated by Dayton Elementary School Secretary Jane Bosma, who wrote: “Mya was phenomenal in class. She had wonderful time management and classroom management skills. Her students stayed on task. She was subbing in our 5th grade class, which meant Mya had every single 5th grade student at Dayton. She did a fantastic job, and we heard many compliments regarding her. She also emailed the principal with a thank you for allowing her to join our staff for the day. She was outstanding!”

Kerry Hansen
Frisco Independent School District, TX

Kerry was nominated by Boals Elementary School Secretary Denise Free, who wrote, “Kerry is always willing to take any position that is needed anywhere at anytime. She is an amazing substitute that the whole staff feels very fortunate to have. She is always booked at our campus. Kerry is always the first choice when there is a need for a substitute. The students love her as well as our staff. She most definitely needs to be recognized!”

Megan Huckins
Ogden School District, UT

Megan was nominated by Account Manager Tasha Orlab, who wrote: “Megan Huckins stated this school year as a Building-Based Substitute for Mound Fort Junior High School, and the school couldn’t be more pleased with her performance there. She’s even had observers from the district in her classroom, and they raved left and right about how amazing she’s doing. Megan is an outstanding, dependable, and talented substitute.”

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!