Create Your Own Holiday: A Fun Holiday Writing Prompt

Writing prompts are an ideal go-to activity when you have extra time to fill in the classroom. Since they require very little preparation or materials, we recommend keeping a handful of versatile prompts in your teaching toolkit.

Choose engaging topics and pose some thought-provoking questions to get students’ creative juices flowing! 

Here’s the perfect pre-holiday example!

Create your own holiday.jpg

Use your imagination to create a brand-new holiday!

These can be adjusted based on the age of your group.

  • What is your holiday called?
  • When and how often does it take place?
  • What is the reason behind your holiday?
  • Who celebrates your holiday; is it local, national, or worldwide?
  • How is it celebrated; what are some traditions?
  • How do people decorate?
  • What special foods are served?


  • Illustrate your holiday.
  • Present your holiday to a partner, small group, or to the entire class.

This is a resourceful way to focus students’ energy and holiday excitement into something productive. It promotes creativity while prompting students’ critical thinking about culture, holiday structure, and traditions. Plus, it’s a versatile topic that can be adapted for use across many grade levels.

It’s sure to be a hit in your classroom!