Congratulations to Our December Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from December 2023!

Renee Jarret
Kokomo School Corporation, IN

Renee Jarret was nominated by Idowu Ikudabo, Principal at McKinley Alternative School, who wrote: “Renee has been a long-term substitute in our Day Reporting classroom since the beginning of the academic school year 2023-2024. Day Reporting classroom serves students suspended from four of our schools, including McKinley, three middle schools, and one high school. With all that being said, we have 15 seats designated for students on a waiver to expulsion for various offenses from truancy to violation of IC 20-33-8-15 Unlawful activities on and off school grounds. She also serves students on probation from the juvenile court and out-of-school suspension. To sum things up, Ms. Renee is very patient with all the students who walk into the room; she greets them with warm and open arms. She has a heart of greatness for individual students as she wants them to accomplish their academic goals, refrain from getting in trouble, and listen to the directives of parents and guardians or any reasonable adult in charge. Without a question, I would recommend her for incentives. She works with 42 students daily without issues. She arrives at work on time and leaves late, which denotes the job demand. I am grateful for having Ms. Renee working with our stakeholders and their students. She is not afraid to bring any concerns to my office, and she has helped solve a bullying problem on two different occasions. Thank you for allowing her to work in our building, serving our children. Dr. Robert Ken Keith stated in his book- The Ten Paradoxical Commandments, ‘People favor underdogs, but follow only top dogs. Fight for a few underdogs anyway.’ Ms. Renee exhibited such scribes of fighting for underdogs.”

Jasmine Wortham
Hillsboro School District, OR

Jasmine Wortham was nominated by Reyna Lopez, Office Manager at Evergreen Middle School, who wrote: “We nominate Jasmine for ESS Employee of the Month because she has been an exceptional person at our school who is always up for any task. She is very friendly and amazing with our students. Teachers have said she has a great connection with our students, and they listen to her. Our teachers and students love her and always ask, whenever possible, to please have her as a substitute for their class. She deserves this recognition for going above and beyond as a staff member. She is part of our team, and we greatly appreciate her help! We can tell she has a big heart to serve, and we also feel it. We are so happy to have her here and look forward to finishing the year with her. If we can clone her, that would be great. That way, every school can have a Jasmine! I appreciate your help, Jasmine. We appreciate you so much.”

Patricia Hilton
Greene County Schools, TN

Patricia Hilton was nominated by Jeannie Carter, Assistant Principal at Baileyton Elementary School, who wrote: “Patricia (Patty) has been such a welcoming addition to our Baileyton family! We had a SPED teacher who quit, and we don’t have a replacement. Patty has been subbing a lot for us, and I asked her if she would do a long-term subbing position until we find a replacement. She gladly accepted and has done a phenomenal job! The schedule had time slots built into it so the SPED teacher could have IEP meetings and complete paperwork. Patty didn’t want that extra time to be spent doing nothing, so she asked if she could go into the other classrooms to help during those time slots! This was not expected of her, but she wanted to help the students as much as she could! That is what I call exceptional and worthy of nominating!”

Marsha Percy
Charles City County Public Schools, VA

Marsha Percy was nominated by Cindy Atkins, Administrative Assistant at Charles City High School, who wrote: “Mrs. Percy is an excellent substitute. She is the only substitute that I prefer to sub for me. She knows all of the responsibilities and duties of running a busy main office. She is very pleasant and helpful to all students, staff and community members. I feel comfortable when taking off days, because I know she will take care of all duties, therefore when I return the next day, I won’t have a lot of work to catch up on. Mrs. Percy is the BEST substitute at Charles City High School.”

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!