Congratulations to Our December Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from December 2021!

Manolita Gude
New Milford Public Schools, CT

Manolita was nominated by Gwen Gallagher, Principal of Northville Elementary School. She wrote about the many different roles that Manolita has filled at Northville Elementary School. “I have been working alongside Manolita Gude since I began as principal of Northville Elementary School. I could not be more impressed with a substitute teacher in my 24 years as an educator. Her professionalism with students, families, and staff is unwavering. She began the year off as a preschool long term substitute. This position was important because the families had just learned that the teacher they expected to work with for the year was unable to stay in New Milford. Manolita welcomed the families and students like a true professional – we always say she should get an honorary teaching degree! She did an amazing job establishing a well run classroom and when the new teacher came in, it was a seamless transition. In between that time and now – Manolita has been a quarantine teacher, 2nd grade teacher, art teacher, and all other positions in the school. She is the perfect example of an ESS employee – Manolita arrives early each day for her assignment, works hard during the school day, and ends the day making sure all students are well cared for. Thank you for learning more about Northville’s Substitute of the Year (at least that is what we think)!”

Mary Hofmeister
Hillsboro School District, OR

Mary was nominated by Imlay Elementary School’s Office Manager Yvonne Yamanoha, who wrote: “I wish I could have nominated Mary 2 years ago! She is amazing with our kiddos, and truly has a gift for teaching. She has been a regular sub for us here at Imlay and has always gone above and beyond with our students and staff. She has taken on counseling, long term jobs, teaching, classified working in the office – you name it, she will always do her very best with whatever she is doing. We are so happy to see her name on our sub list when we see that she is coming to Imlay. She deserves recognition for all of her hard work!!

Peggy Shepherd
Kyrene School District, AZ

Peggy was nominated by Lisa Sine, a teacher at Kyrene Traditional Academy. “I am writing this email in acknowledgement of a very special substitute teacher in the Kyrene School District and particularly at Kyrene Traditional Academy. This exemplary substitute teacher is Mrs. Peggy Shepherd. I have had the opportunity and privilege to work alongside Mrs. Shepherd at KTA. About 3 years ago Mrs. Shepherd and I did a long-term sub job together co-teaching in a 1st grade class. Mrs. Shepherd was an amazing teammate and partner. She is extremely hardworking, passionate about teaching and deeply cares for her students. Her dedication is evident in not only her teaching but in her relationships with others on campus. We have wonderful conversations together and she is always willing and able to do whatever she can for her co-workers and students. I highly recommend Mrs. Peggy Shepherd for consideration for any recognition as a highly qualified and valued substitute.”

Donna Cannuli
Voorhees Township Public Schools, NJ

Donna was nominated twice this month by two secretaries at ET Hamilton Elementary School. Michelle Santore wrote, “Donna consistently demonstrates a willingness to assist whenever and wherever she is needed. She was needed to cover an absence at another elementary school in our district today. She reported to Hamilton to find out her assignment was at Signal Hill school. She gladly pivoted and reported directly to Signal Hill where she will no doubt do a wonderful job, just as she always does! She is an outstanding addition to our district!

Donna was also nominated by Executive Secretary Michelle Goshaw, who wrote, “Donna is consistently a team player here at ET Hamilton. On December 1st, I had to call her that morning and ask her to travel to a different school in the District to help them out. Donna was graciously willing to help out. Donna is an explementary employee. She is a perfect fit at our school and works extremely well with our staff. Thank you for considering Donna for Employee of the Month, she deserves it!

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!