ESS Issues 12 Grants to Washington County, UT Teachers

Together with the Washington County School District Foundation, ESS recently issued 12 grants to teachers for education supplies for their classrooms. Grant requests were submitted by teachers seeking funds for school supplies, technology, books, learning tools, and more.

On January 24th, ESS Executive Vice President Rick Sanchez, ESS Regional Manager Joseph Fitzgerald, ESS Area Manager Coby Millett, Washington County Superintendent Larry Bergeson, and Washington County Director of Communications Steve Dunham made their way to the various schools to surprise the teachers with the great news!

“As we delivered the news that their grants were being funded, the teacher’s excitement, gratitude, and passion for teaching was inspiring,” said Millett.  “To be able to provide them with more resources to strengthen the learning experience for their students was beyond rewarding.”

ESS contributed more than $5,000 to the Washington County School District Foundation to fund these grants.  The purpose of the Foundation is to enhance the quality of education for Washington County students by providing necessary resources through private funding that are not provided through traditional sources.

Awarded Grants:

Mrs. Jana Anderson, Fossil Ridge Intermediate School
Pedometers to help motivate students during “Cardio Mondays” in phys-ed.


Ms. Annette Croucher, Fossil Ridge Intermediate School 
Sensory manipulatives to help students re-center and re-focus in a proactive manner during “Brain Breaks” in life skills class.


Mrs. Karrie Drake, Fossil Ridge Intermediate School
Computers to assist students every day in completing their schoolwork.


Mrs. Marnie Beecher, Panorama Elementary School
Math manipulatives to help at-risk kindergartners get excited about mathematics in a hands-on way.


Mrs. Stephanie Sabaitis, Panorama Elementary School
Books and audio-books to inspire students to read for pleasure and listen to how great readers sound.


Mrs. Linda Steck, Panorama Elementary School
Sonday System Reading Program to help students in special education progress in reading and writing.


Mrs. Cassandra Young, Panorama Elementary School
Listening center headphones to allow students to work on computers in a blended classroom without distraction.


Mr. Joel Beckstrand, Pine View Middle School
Various learning tools to enhance the classroom environment, provide visual aides, and support individual student math practice.


Ms. Teresa Harris, Pine View Middle School
Science supplies, including calculators, rulers, and craft items to enhance hands-on learning in Earth Sciences class.


Miss Lacey Church, Sandstone Elementary School
Phonics books to improve student’s basic reading skills, and to help ELL students.


Mrs. Kelsey Singleton, Sandstone Elementary School
Math manipulatives to engage students through a fun, hands-on approach.


Mrs. Heidi Taylor, Sandstone Elementary School
Phonics books to ensure each student not only has the skills to read, but has a desire to be a lifelong reader.


Congratulations to all of our grant awardees – you deserve it!