Extra Pay Fridays

Are you interested in winning a big bonus this year? If so, we have an opportunity for you! If you’re an ESS employee, we invite you to participate in our new Extra Pay Fridays program for a chance to receive an extra $500 to your paycheck!

All ESS employees who work five Fridays between Friday, April 9th and Friday, May 21st will automatically be entered to win. You may choose whichever five Fridays you’d like to work, as long as they’re within the program time frame. Please note, half days do not count – you must complete five full days of work to become eligible. The last Friday that will count towards the program is May 21st.

Work at least five of the Fridays listed below for a chance to win:⁣

  • Friday, April 9th
  • Friday, April 16th
  • Friday, April 23rd
  • Friday, April 30th
  • Friday, May 7th
  • Friday, May 14th
  • Friday, May 21st

At the end of the seven-week period, we will randomly select five deserving employees who have completed the challenge to receive a $500 bonus added to their paycheck. Winners will be announced on our corporate Facebook and Instagram pages Friday, May 28th!

Special thanks to Insurance Consulting Services for sponsoring our Extra Pay Fridays program!