Fun Facts about U.S. Presidents in Honor of Presidents’ Day

Presidents' Day Facts
The United States observes Presidents’ Day on the third Monday of February each year (which means many teachers have a day off this coming Monday). This tradition dates all the way back to 1885, originally established in recognition of George Washington’s birthday (Feb. 22nd). The day is now most popularly viewed as a time to celebrate all of our country’s presidents and their accomplishments. 

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To help your students get into the spirit of the day, we found a list of fun facts about U.S presidents on that’s sure to capture their attention.

Did you know…

  • The ‘S’ in Harry S. Truman doesn’t stand for anything
  • Three out of the first five U.S. Presidents passed away on the Fourth of July
  • John Tyler had 15 children
  • Barack Obama won two Grammy Awards for Best Spoken Word Album
  • Abraham Lincoln often stored things (such as documents) in his tall hat

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