Congratulations to Our January Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from January 2021!

Meghan Ricci
Fairfield Township School District, NJ

Meghan was nominated by Fairfield Child Study Team Supervisor Angela Best, who wrote: “Ms. Meghan Ricci took on the role of a long-term substitute in a self-contained MD classroom for grades 7 and 8. During her time in this class, she went above and beyond to meet the needs of the students in the remote learning environment. She made sure to get to know all of the students and identify their various needs. Ms. Ricci worked closely with the child study team, other special education teachers/staff members, students, and their families to ensure all of the students were experiencing success.

As her time was coming to an end for this assignment, she took the time to create a detailed substitute packet to prepare the next substitute that would be taking over. She is truly an asset to the educational community and has made a great impact on our students during her short-term assignment in the MD classroom. We hope to have her back with us as soon as possible.”

Richard Scozzafava
Tift County School District, GA

Richard was nominated by Tift County Schools Secretary Kimberly Goodman, who wrote: “Mr. Scozzafava is always willing to help teachers with extra duties and go far beyond his duties as a substitute. He never cancels on us, and we can always count on him – even if we call him last minute. He always shows up ready to see the students with a smile on his face. Most of all, he is loved by both students and staff.

Melanie Ransom
Hillsboro School District, OR

Melanie was nominated by Hillsboro School District Office Manager Brenda Danielowicz, who wrote: “Melanie has been so flexible and always has a positive attitude when asked to sub. One day I called her with 30 minutes to spare for a very last-minute job that was needed, and she didn’t hesitate to quickly get ready and accept the assignment. She was a lifesaver! Our staff that has worked with her says she is absolutely wonderful. They are very impressed, especially with the CDL teaching, and how she just jumps in and gets whatever is needed done. During these times, it’s great to have a sub like her who we can count on and is so good with our students.

Susan Fowler
Vassar Public Schools, MI

Susan was nominated by Vassar Public Schools Secretary Andrea Legue, who wrote: “Mrs. Fowler has been subbing in our building for 16 years after she retired from 30+ years of teaching at a neighboring school district! Susan was a regular sub for many years in our school, and approximately 5 years ago she started with us as a ‘floating sub’ – working 5 days a week wherever she was needed.

I oversee the subs each day and Mrs. Fowler has been amazing to work with! No matter where I place her, she gladly accepts and handles each assignment with ease. The teachers are always happy with her coverage and will request that she covers for them during their absences, especially if they are going to be out for consecutive days. Our students are used to seeing her every day and know her expectations, so when she is placed in a classroom, it is business as usual.

Sue is also asked to help wherever needed when she isn’t given a classroom to cover. She has helped with testing in our media center, cleaning areas like our life skills lab or lounges, helping the secretaries with mailings, and much, much more! I can’t even begin to tell you how dependable and efficient Mrs. Fowler is. She has more energy than most young people, and is truly a treasure to our school district!”

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!