Congratulations to Our June Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from June 2021!

Kellen O’Neil
Union City Area School District, PA

Kellen was nominated by Union City Elementary School Principal Adam Shrout, who wrote: “Mr. O’Neil has been a great addition to the ESS subs at Union City Elementary! He is always willing to help in any way needed. When he’s covering in the cafeteria, he is very attentive to the students’ needs, and then he will roll up his sleeves and help the custodians by taking the garbage out for them.

A few weeks ago, as we were administering the PSSA tests, Mr. O’Neil was incredibly helpful by teaching the STEM classes online. I walked by and observed him with a big pair of goofy ears on his head to make the lesson more fun for the students. After he was done teaching for the day, he jumped right into supervising the fun afternoon activities outside. He was eager to help with setting up the activities and, without even being asked to, he made sure to put all of the equipment away. Mr. O’Neil deserves a huge shoutout for all he does for Union City.”

Allyson Overton
Tigard-Tualatin School District, OR

Allyson was nominated by Tualatin High School Secretary Liz Baca, who wrote: “Ms. Overton has been an exemplary guest teacher at Tualatin High School. She has answered our calls during unexpected absences and is always flexible to jump into any classroom. She’s extremely engaged with not only our in-person students but also our hybrid and online students. She is punctual, extremely professional, always smiling, and has the best attitude even under stressful situations or changes in her schedule. She follows all protocols, reviews the material thoroughly, asks questions, and is friendly to all staff and students. She communicates promptly and is always ready to help in any way. We are extremely grateful for Ms. Overton during these uncertain times and ever-changing processes.

Angella Scott
Duval County Public Schools, FL

Angella was nominated by First Coast High School Secretary Renee Blazek, who wrote: “Ms. Scott has been a substitute at my school for most of this school year. She sets an incredible example for other substitutes as she always arrives on time with a smile. She never questions where or why I am sending her to a specific class and checks in with me to see where she is needed most. She is just a pleasure to have in our building and is well-liked by all teachers she has covered for. I would really appreciate it if she can be recognized for her wonderful attitude and professionalism.”

Tamara Everett
Warren School District, AR

Tamara was nominated by Drew Central Elementary School Principal Trudy Jackson, who wrote: “Mrs. Tamara Everett is a dedicated substitute who is always willing to substitute in any area needed. She always arrives on time, if not early! She has worked in all areas of our school and does a fantastic job wherever she is placed. She never complains, always follows the substitute plan, leaves detailed notes for the teacher, and leaves the room neat as a pin!

In addition, her strongest attribute is the rapport that she has with the students in our school. She is very soft-spoken but firm in the way she handles students. She earns their respect because she is respectful to them. I am always happy to see Mrs. Everett come to our school because I know that our students will be in great hands!

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!