K-W-L: An effective teaching strategy

If you ever find yourself looking for an interactive twist to a reading assignment, don’t forget about the K-W-L chart. This classic teaching strategy helps students better tune-in to their reading and can be done as a class, in small groups, or individually. First, you’ll need a chart with 3 columns, labeled K, W, and L:

  • K stands for what you already know about the topic.
  • W stands for what you’d like to know about the topic.
  • L stands for what you learned.

Columns K and W should be filled out prior to the reading assignment, while column L gets filled out after the reading is completed. The finished product can now serve as a tool for visual reinforcement!

Click here for a free printable KWL chart from Tim’s Printables – not a bad idea to keep in your teaching toolkit! 

KWL Chart.jpg