Local ESS Team Truly Embraces Frisco ISD Community
Pictured: ESS Recruiter Malcolm “Rocky” Lewis, ESS District Manager Somar Crowder, and Frisco ISD HR Generalist Zachary Wallace.

The ESS Frisco ISD team (TX) has gone above and beyond to serve and support Frisco ISD administrators, school staff, and students. Not only do they recruit, train, hire, and manage substitutes, but they’ve also become a part of the community – coordinating weekly meetings with the District to discuss their goals, actively participating in District celebrations, and stepping in to help whenever needed while maintaining their focus on the success of the substitute program.

The team consists of ESS District Manager Somar Crowder and ESS Recruiters Malcolm “Rocky” Lewis and Rowie Campbell. All three members have been a part of the original ESS Frisco ISD team since August 2019. ESS Vice President of Operations Jenna Cruz shared a few thoughtful words about the team:

“The ESS Frisco team goes above and beyond to not only provide best in class customer service, but to also create a sense of unity and family with our partner clients. The ESS Frisco team truly embodies our motto to blur the line between client HR and ESS. We could not be more proud of the dynamic trio who support our largest client in Texas! Thank you Somar, Rocky, and Rowie!”

Earlier this week, Somar, Rocky, and Rowie went so far as to help plan and assist with the retirement party for Frisco ISD’s HR Director, Ronnie Elmore. When asked to participate, they did not hesitate to volunteer their time to contribute. They whipped up some creative yet delicious treats to go along with the theme of the party (see below). These ideas came from weeks of planning and a collaborative effort from the ESS local team and Frisco family.

We could not be more proud to have these individuals a part of the ESS family! Thank you for your incredible dedication and keep up the fantastic work!