Congratulations to Our March Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from March 2021!

Christopher Gregory
Delaware Community School Corporation, IN

Christopher was nominated by Corporation Secretary Melia Clawson, who wrote: “Delaware Community School Corporation is honored and pleased to nominate Christopher Gregory as an employee of the month. Christopher has a wonderful rapport with our staff, teachers, and students, and most importantly, he has an incredible passion for working with our students.

His ability to connect with our students and his talent at teaching is simply outstanding. Christopher is asked to sub in different areas of education weekly and accomplishes all these tasks with great initiative and a positive attitude. He is always willing to help or teach in any of our schools. We can’t thank him enough for setting a welcoming and positive tone for our schools. Christopher is an amazing example of what a sub should be.”

Carolyn Buckingham
Bedford County Schools, TN

Carolyn was nominated by Shelbyville Central High School Assistant Principal Bradley Davis, who wrote: “Throughout a challenging year unlike any other, Ms. Buckingham has been here every single day. I have worked at SCHS for three years and I am not sure if Ms. Buckingham has ever missed a day. She is a sub, but she is a part of our school community and the students here absolutely adore her. She could stay at home as a retired woman but instead, she comes to our high school every day, interacts with our kids, and helps them in any way she can.

Her favorite job is working in our CDC room with students who are severely handicapped. They light up when she walks into the room and she takes such good care of those students. She’ll even take the students who are wheelchair-bound around the school to let them see other places besides the classroom they’re assigned to. She has such a caring and giving heart and it would be amazing for her to receive this award.

Shelbyville Central High would not be the same school without Carolyn Buckingham. If I had a million dollars to give away I’d give it all to her because she is a truly amazing person and brings so much joy to the students and faculty at our school. I’d love to see her be recognized for what she does.

Lee Fisher
Williamston Community Schools, MI

Lee was nominated by Williamston Community Schools Director of Facilities and Operations Brandon Weingartz, who wrote: “Lee was hired as a substitute custodian at our elementary campus in January. In this short amount of time, Lee has shown that he’s a hard worker dedicated to the district. He is always on time with a great attitude and is always working hard. Even though you cannot see his smile, staff and students know it’s present behind his mask.

Lee goes above and beyond to make our schools safer for students. I have had numerous teachers and other staff members compliment Lee on his work ethic and timely manner in solving issues from spills in classrooms to plumbing problems in restrooms. You can always find Lee cleaning entryways after students return from recess or dusting window seals and other hard-to-reach places that may not typically be cleaned on a daily schedule. Lee is very valuable to our custodial team and to our district.”

Barbara Fuentes
Nashville School District, AR

Barbara was nominated by Nashville Primary School Principal Nathan Evans, who wrote: “Mrs. Barbara Fuentes has worked as a substitute at Nashville Primary for a few years now, often as a long-term substitute. From the very beginning, I have been extremely impressed with her work ethic, knowledge, dedication, and genuine love she has for students. Regardless if it is for a single day or a long-term position, Mrs. Fuentes is one of the first to arrive and last to leave our building.

Her reputation as a great educator is not lost with the teachers at Nashville Primary, as they regularly seek her out and rush to be the first one to ask her if she will cover their long-term leaves. Especially at the primary level, teachers are very protective of their students and the education they receive. To continuously trust Mrs. Fuentes with them for a long period of time says a lot about who she is as an educator.

This year alone, Mrs. Fuentes has been with us non-stop since the first day of school covering a maternity leave then a medical leave consecutively. Academically, in both of these classrooms, we saw students make some great gains while under her care. I am certain both teachers were very appreciative of her hard work when they came back.

I could easily go on and on about how valued Mrs. Fuentes is in our building. If there is anyone deserving of this recognition, it’s her. She is one of the most positive, selfless people in NPS who does her work with the best interest of our students at heart every single day. We are extremely blessed to have her as part of our NPS family!

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!