Congratulations to Our March Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from March 2022!

Jane Konrad
Kyrene School District, AZ

Jane was nominated by Stephenie Biles, Administrative Support Specialist at Kyrene Middle School, who wrote: “Ms. Konrad is a shining light here at KMS. Ms. Konrad usually subs in our special needs positions, both teacher and instructional assistant. These positions can be very challenging. She loves the challenge and is able to do the job with grace. Ms. Konrad loves the kids and staff and it really shows. She is always ready and willing to help out in whatever way she can. There are times that we have called her in because of a last minute call off and she was happy to save the day. Ms. Konrad is a grandmother to one of our students here at KMS so she also volunteers to help our with miscellaneous tasks and attends a lot of our school events. She has also subbed in our front office and did an amazing job at that too. We are always happy to have Ms. Konrad at KMS, she is amazing!”

Madhavi Chidipothu
Manchester School District, CT

Madhavi was nominated by Theresa Deming, Secretary at Waddell Elementary School, who wrote: “Madhavi has become a consistent, reliable and valued member of our community at Waddell. She is professional and courteous during all interactions with staff and students alike. She is one of our most reliable employees and she accepts any assignment we task her with, with a smile and positivity. I have never heard her complain, even when given some of our toughest classes. She is able to command a classroom and needs little assistance to be successful. We appreciate having Madhavi at our school. She is wonderful!”

Amanda Bowden
Habersham County Schools, GA

Amanda was nominated by Kim Irvin, Administrative Assistant at Level Grove Elementary School, who wrote: “I knew Amanda as a parent here at LGES. She helped with anything we needed! I talked with her about becoming a sub. At first, she was a little hesitant but then became more curious and started asking more questions. She finally took the step and filled out her application. Since her first sub job on February 3rd, she has talked about how much she enjoys it. We can rely on her to show up when she takes a job. If we call her last minute she has always been willing to come in. She is getting to know our students and they all are getting to know her. We haven’t had one teacher complaint about sub plans not being followed. She leaves notes for the teachers at the end of the day. She comes to the front office to ask if there is somewhere she needs to be during the teachers’ planning times and at the end of the day, she makes sure we have all the coverage we need before she leaves. We need more subs like Amanda!”

Jacquelin Hitchcock
Abilene ISD, TX

Jacquelin was nominated seven times across Abilene ISD by numerous employees. Jeannette Gist, Account Manager for Abilene ISD, compiled all of the nominations and wrote: “I am writing to highlight nominations for a beloved ESS substitute. I am proud to report that out of the 50 nominations in Abilene ISD, 7 were for one person – Ms. Jacqueline Hitchcock! Ms. Jacqueline Hitchcock is one of my favorite substitutes because she is charismatic, sweet, and incredibly hard-working. She has been employed with us since 2019 and served in about 120 assignments this year, so far. Jacqueline is unrelentingly joyful, energetic, dependable, and kind! She is a joy to serve alongside in Abilene ISD.”

Quotes from various AISD employees about Ms. Hitchcock:

“She is reliable, follows plans, is a great listener, treats the kids awesomely, and has great classroom management! She’s kind and friendly!”

“Miss Hitchcock is always cheerful, dependable, and professional. She has great classroom management and executes lesson plans with ease. She is a great asset to the AISD family. Every campus that has had her as a guest teacher would all agree that she is the best substitute in the district!”

“Ms. Hitchcock runs a smooth classroom as a substitute. She gains respect from the students and provides them with the structure they need when teachers are gone. As a teacher, I never worry if my students are in good hands. She is thorough and actually teaches!” “It’s never a wasted instructional day when Ms. Hitchcock is present!”

“Always willing to sub and does an absolutely great job at what she does!”

“Mrs. Hitchcock is very dependable! Teachers know that when she picks up their job, she’ll be there! That means so much, especially during these trying times. She comes in with a wonderful attitude every time. We love having her at Martinez Elementary and feel that she’s an important part of our school family!”

“Ms. Hitchcock is responsible, dependable and goes above and beyond!”

“Best substitute ever! Always has class in order, very professional, and great with communication. I wish I could clone her!”

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!