Congratulations to Our March Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from March 2023!

Jay Born
Adams County School District 14, CO

Jay was nominated by Ryan Doughty, Teacher at Central Elementary School, who wrote: “Jay Born is dependable, adaptable, and resilient. Mr. Born shows up to our Title 1 school, with high needs and tough behaviors, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not only does the man show up, regardless of classroom placement, he shows up earlier than some teachers, often one of the first cars in the parking lot in the morning. He shows up with a positive attitude, updates teachers on how things are going, and will leave a brief daily summary at the end of the day. Mr. Born does not sit back and hand out packets to kids. Mr. Born is an intelligent man who goes above and beyond delivering sub lesson plans, engaging students, activating their prior knowledge, and showing them he is more than ‘just a sub.’ Mr. Born is a team player, always friendly, and has become an integral part of our school and its function. I commend Jay Born for his grit and work ethic, and cannot say enough about the man. I truly believe he deserves recognition for his work. He is appreciated beyond belief at our school.”

Stephanie Colston
Murray County Schools, GA

Stephanie was nominated by Melanie Ensley, Executive Secretary at Gladden Middle School, who wrote: “Stephanie is very positive and always has a smile on her face. I had a teacher out on maternity leave and had trouble finding a long term sub. Stephanie has gone above and beyond helping in that classroom. She has given the students stability and kept them caught up with their lessons. She has shown up everyday, on time, and with the best attitude! She always jumps right in and does anything asked. She makes great professional relationships with students and students strive to do good work for her. Stephanie is a great role model for students and we are so thankful to have her as a sub at Gladden Middle School.”

Jonah Neilson
Nashua School District, NH

Jonah was nominated by Michael Harrington, Principal at Fairgrounds Elementary School, who wrote: “Mr. Jonah Neilson has worked as our building substitute for the past year. He has quickly become a valued member of our school community and has decided through this experience to enroll in college for Elementary Education. Mr. Neilson is at the school early each morning where he happily accepts any role he is given based on the school’s needs for the day. Jonah can be found teaching kindergarteners, fifth graders, or his favorite, which is teaching computer classes to all K-5 students in the same day. Jonah has gone the extra mile by attending professional development that is not required for him, staying late to help out when we had late buses, and attending our FES functions outside of school hours. During such a hard time to find staff and substitute teachers, we are lucky to have Mr. Jonah Neilson in our school.”

Lois Davis
Brazosport ISD, TX

Lois was nominated by Carolyn Edwards, Office Professional – Secretary at Brazos Success Academy, who wrote: “Mrs. Lois Davis is an exceptional substitute. I know this to be true because I knew her as a teacher before retirement. She has worked on Brazos Success Academy campus since the inception of BSA. She is dependable as well as very passionate about helping students succeed. Although working as a substitute, she’s not required to do exactly as the classroom teacher would do, but the teacher role always kicks in and whenever working, she becomes that teacher who still has the drive to instill and expect the best from her students. Her memory is impeccable in getting to know the students on campus. Her versatility is another strong point because she can go from teacher to receptionist and feels just as vital in that position as well. Students that want to leave school early have to go through a ritual before leaving if she’s working the front desk…BSA loves it! Mrs. Davis has participated in our graduation ceremony presenting a scholarship to a student from an organization she is a member of, as well as, she works on numerous boards because that’s just who she is…always willing to give of herself to help someone achieve more. When not working at BSA, she can be found testing elementary students on various campuses. Because of her desire to always help others, especially students, I strongly believe that Mrs. Lois Elaine Davis is worthy to receive this ESS Employee of the Month recognition.”

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!