Congratulations to Our November Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from November 2022!

Jessica Chuang
Kyrene School District, AZ

Jessica was nominated by Marcie Romero, Principal at C.I. Waggoner Elementary School, who wrote: “Mrs. Chuang has stepped up to be our long term part-time music teacher. She has gone above and beyond ensuring that our students are receiving the full music learning experience and standards. Mrs. Chuang has even started our 4th graders on learning the recorders, so they do not miss that educational and lifetime experience. Our students learned the Thriller dance for our Trunk or Treat and Mrs. Chuang stepped right in and taught her classes the dance so they could participate the evening of the event. The students are even saying, ‘There is my music teacher!’ as they pass her by or even stop and say hello when they see her around the community. Mrs. Chuang has worked so hard to give our Wildcats an amazing music experience and we are appreciative and grateful for all of her dedication and effort.”

Frank Farsi
Bound Brook School District, NJ

Frank was nominated by Tom Basehore, VP of Operations at ESS, who wrote: “Frank Farsi is Long Term Substitute Teacher at Bound Brook High School, and has been a true asset to ESS & the Bound Brook High School over the past 3+ years. Mr. Farsi is an excellent teacher. Not only does he selflessly dedicate his time and efforts to educating the students of Bound Brook High School, but he is a trusted and reliable colleague with teachers and administration. Recently, as a thank you to the ESS staff working at the Bound Brook School District, ESS District Manager Lisette Rademaker presented each ESS employee in-district with a voucher to purchase a Thanksgiving Turkey. Mr. Farsi, being the incredible person that he is, decided to use his voucher to purchase food items for the local food bank, and personally match the value of that voucher out of his own pocket. Mr. Farsi and his wife used this opportunity to donate a generous amount of food to the local food bank, and this act of kindness just demonstrates the type of person that Mr. Farsi is. A kind-hearted, selfless person, who dedicates his time and efforts to not only educating the students of the school district, but also supporting local families in need. Mr. Farsi sets a prime example of what it means to be a great human to all that he interacts with. He is truly an incredible person.”

Shana Pagliaro
Johnston Public Schools, RI

Shana was nominated twice this month, once by a staff member and a second time by a co-worker at Johnston Senior High School, who both had amazing things to say about her as a substitute teacher.

Tara Teolis, Reading Specialist at Johnston Senior High School, wrote: “Mrs. Shana Pagliaro is one of the best teachers I have worked with in the past 15 years of my career. She is patient and kind to all students. She is a very hard worker who gives her all to the students each and everyday. My colleagues and I always request her to cover our class when we are at Professional Developments and/or student meetings. She is very organized and detail oriented. She has great classroom management skills and always makes sure my students are on task and focused. She is well-liked by both the student body and faculty. She also is a great listener and has helped students through difficult times. She is extremely generous and giving to all students.”

Ken Capuano, a fellow substitute teacher at ESS, wrote: “I am nominating Shana Pagliaro for employee of the month. Shana is always smiling, happy and friendly. She is also quick to lend a hand or support to a colleague when they need a little extra help with completing a task or assisting a student who needs extra attention. Shana encourages students to strive to be their very best, and assists those students who need extra help. She tirelessly works to help students achieve their goals to succeed. Shana is compassionate, dedicated, and a role model to look up to. She is a perfect choice for employee of the month!”

Arleen Watkins
Alpine School District, UT

Arleen was nominated by Crystal Burningham, Lead Secretary at Freedom Elementary, who wrote: “Arleen has always been a solid go-to substitute for us at our school, but most recently she went above and beyond when a teacher needed surgery within the first 2 weeks of the school year. She stepped up and took over providing much needed stability for our students and much needed relief for this teacher. The original plan was for this teacher to recover in a 4 week time period however, this long term sub position turned into a 10 week position and Arleen welcomed being asked for additional time with a smile on her face. She is absolutely AMAZING!!! She just recently finished her assignment here with us and now the parents of the students have asked us for her contact information because they are putting together a surprise “thank you” basket and cards. Of course we didn’t give out her personal information, but said we do have ways of getting in touch with her to give her the thanks that she deserves. Her positive attitude is infectious to everyone around her and her ability to adapt to the curve balls thrown at her make her the perfect fit for an elementary school. We are so grateful for the role Arleen plays in our Freedom family and we are blessed by the support she gives to our faculty.”

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!