Congratulations to Our November Employees of the Month!
ESS November Employees of the Month

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from November 2021!

Kelly Bryant
Anderson School District One, SC

Kelly was nominated twice this month! Seth Young, Principal of Wren High School wrote, “Mr. Bryant exudes positivity and is such an amazing role model for students at Wren High School. He has quickly become a substitute that teachers and students request. He is a team player and is willing to help out wherever a need arises. I have witnessed Mr. Bryant going above and beyond the call of duty whether it be helping with activities on Homecoming, helping clean up in the cafeteria after lunch, or being willing to sit in the auditorium with dozens of students when we were short on substitute teachers on a couple of occasions. Each day he substitutes, he walks in with a smile on his face and is eager to help out wherever he is needed.”

Wren High School Assistant Principal Kyle Whitfield wrote, “Mr. Bryant has truly stepped up when we were in desperate need of a permanent substitute in the building. We were having to get very creative with shuffling folks around in the building to make sure we have coverage. Mr. Bryant comes in every day, not knowing where he will be covering for the day, but always has a positive attitude. Mr. Bryant has also had a tremendous impact on our football team as an assistant coach. In both roles, Mr. Bryant has been able to mentor and support students in our school. We are extremely appreciative to Mr. Bryant for being willing to step up when we had a great need in our school.”

Kristian Harrison
Tooele County School District, UT

Kristian was nominated by Overlake Elementary School Principal Thomas Trotter, who wrote: “In a second grade rotation class, we had a student become agitated and begin throwing chairs. Kristian Harrison saw the situation unfolding and took charge by placing herself in harm’s way to prevent the children from being hurt, and by calling to have the classroom evacuated. Help was called for and immediately showed up, but without Kristian’s quick actions, we may have seen harm to our students. We are grateful that she was here as a guest teacher in our building.”

Clancie Wilson
Hampton City Schools, VA

Clancie was nominated by two individuals at Bryan Elementary School. School Principal Lynette Nelms wrote, “I am so excited to nominate Ms. Clancie Wilson. She is currently a grade 3 long-term teacher at Jane H. Bryan Elementary School. Ms. Wilson is a true professional and goes above and beyond for all students; this includes regular two-way communication and additional parent conferences when needed. Ms. Wilson has great ideas/strategies to support learning in the classroom. Her greatest gift is building positive relationships with staff and students. Ms. Wilson is truly exceptional!”

School Counselor Kara Hart wrote, “Ms. Wilson has jumped right in and is as close to a full-time Bryan staff as you can be without actually being one! She is very positive, always open. She manages the classroom well even with students who have Tier 3 behaviors. For those students, she is particularly supportive. She understands their needs and shows empathy, maintains high expectations, and helps them access the resources that help them. She truly understands that these students have experienced levels of trauma and that they need our help. She is easy to work with and positive to be around. We love having her in our building.”

Paul Kwok
Frisco Independent School District, TX

Paul was nominated by Gunstream Elementary School Secretary Melisa Conrad, who wrote: “Mr. Kwok is an exceptional sub. He is always willing to jump in and help in any way that we need him. He doesn’t hesitate to help even if it is outside of the scope of his assignment – something that we TRULY appreciate. Mr. Kwok is always calm, cool, and collected and works great with our students. He mainly subs for our PE coaches – not an easy task I might add. Mr. Kwok knows most of our students/staff by name and always greets us with a smile. Recently, Mr. Kwok came up with a solution to help out in PE when they have extra classes in the gym. On his own time, Mr. Kwok created a Pawprint stencil, got paint, and painted the pawprints strategically on the gym wall to help the extra students know where to line up. This helped our coaches tremendously. We feel very fortunate to have a sub like Mr. Kwok that we can count on – he is a true asset to our school when he is here.

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!