Congratulations to Our October Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from October 2019!

Anna Dilley
Portland Public Schools, CT

Anna was nominated by Portland High School Principal Kathryn Lawson, who wrote: “Anna began as a substitute in our building last year and has continued on in this school year. Literally every interaction with Anna is delightful and she cheerfully accepts assignments in every corner of our building.

Anna has such a natural rapport with our students, faculty and staff. She is always interested in helping others and does so with empathy and a focus on problem solving. Frequently Anna will cover the cafeteria for our open study hall sessions and we have noticed that one or more students will sit at her table to get extra help with their schoolwork or sometimes just to chat. It is heart-warming to see the connections that she is forging with PHS students and how they respond to her leadership.

Another area where Anna distinguishes herself is in our PHS Library Media center. She has spent time helping our librarian re-categorize and re-shelve our books. Anna also covers lunch breaks for the library staff and will help students with book recommendations or research. Anna has a strong sense of the PHS library collection and is helpful and kind with students and staff alike. She took the initiative to scan every book in our non-fiction section to reclassify, reorganize and weed out the old books. In the fiction section, she rearranged the books so they are easier for our students to find.

Wherever she is working, she regularly completes tasks that she thinks will be helpful without being prompted or asked. She has formed excellent relationships with the staff and our students just adore her. Anna’s intelligence, positivity, caring, and professionalism make her a truly valued asset at Portland High School.”

Selina Hinds
Englewood Public School District, NJ

Selina was nominated by Regional Mananger Tom Basehore, who wrote: “While working breakfast duty supervision at Dwight Morrow High School in Englewood, NJ on October 11, 2019, Ms. Hinds noticed that a student, who was attempting to open a “cup of noodles” with her teeth, had aspirated the plastic cover on the container, and began choking. Ms. Hinds swiftly responded to the student and performed the Heimlich Maneuver. By using the Heimlich Maneuver, Ms. Hinds was able to dislodge the plastic cover from the student’s airway, saving her life. We would like to commend Ms. Hinds on her swift response and action. After the incident, the student was taken to the emergency room for further medical treatment.”

Tiffany Carr
King William County Public Schools, VA

Tiffany was nominated by King William High School Secretary Sandra Shumate, who wrote, “Tiffany Carr is great to work with. She always has a smile on her face and wants the best for our students. Today was a great example of how accommodating Mrs. Carr can be. We had two available absences, and rather than picking one, she came to the High School and asked where we needed her most. She could have picked the easiest or most fun class, but wanted to make sure we had what we needed. Again, rather than thinking about what would make her day the easiest, she wanted the best for our students. This is why I am nominating Tiffany Carr for employee of the month.”

Ashlie Tainer
David Douglas School District, OR

Ashlie was nominated by David Douglass HR Director David Peterson, who wrote: “Ashlie covered our district’s switchboard as district office receptionist. She did a great job! We even had a small incident, which she handled very well (and calmly). Very helpful and willing to pitch in. HUGE learning curve was erased by Ashlie’s confidence and knowledge. We all felt confident with Ashlie taking care of such a large task.”

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!