Congratulations to Our October Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from October 2022!

Jase Trelli
Bristol Public Schools, CT

Jase was nominated 15 times this month by numerous employees of Chippens Hill Middle School!

Carolyn Nowak, Special Education Teacher, wrote: “Jase Trelli is an important asset to Chippens Hill Middle School. Jase shows up everyday, with a smile on his face, and is always ready to step into any role for the day. The students truly respect and enjoy having Mr. Trelli as a substitute teacher.”

John Dauphinee, Math Teacher, wrote: “Jase Trelli is an educator who does a lot of everything at our school. Where ever he is needed for the sake of the students, he rises to the occasion and does a great job.”

Robin Percival, Literacy Coach, wrote: “Jase shows up every single day with a smile and a kind word. He will go where ever he is needed without a complaint, even if it is a tough class. Being a substitute teacher is an incredibly hard job, but Jase makes it look easy.”

Morgan Skovich, Paraprofessional Educator, wrote: “Jase is awesome no matter whose class, or what type of kids he’s filling in for!”

Mariliz Fitzpatrick, Principal, wrote: “Jase has served CHMS in an exceptional manner by exemplifying outstanding service through his work and exhibiting a positive attitude. Furthermore, Jase supports our staff and students. He is dedicated to fulfilling his duties and goes above and beyond daily.”

Tina Minella, Secretary, wrote: “Jase came into our school during challenging times. He joined us in a long term position covering for a Wellness class, which is not an easy task for middle school. He jumped right in. He has connected with our students and always has control of the classroom. Jace is now our building sub and wears several hats. Whenever we need him, he is there to assist. Jase is part of our Chippens family. I know that his experiences here will take him to great places in the future. Any school would be lucky to have them on their team.”

Brian Troccolo, Art Teacher, wrote: “Jase is always right where you need him!”

Elizabeth Netz, 6th Grade School Counselor, wrote: “He is an asset to our positive school community. He will be the best wellness teacher someday. He is already an educator.”

Jennifer Ogonowski, Guidance Secretary, wrote: “This is Jase’s second year here at CHMS and I couldn’t cover our building without him! He is here every day, on time, and covers wherever I need him to. He is always pleasant in his interactions with staff and students, and willing to go above and beyond. It’s with pleasure that I nominate Jase for the ESS employee of the month!”

Katie Pepe, Physical Education Teacher, wrote: “Jase is always willing to help, and goes out of his way to make sure he is being utilized to his full potential.”

Amy Bastiaanse, Assistant Principal, wrote: “Jace is exceptional. He walks in every day with a smile and a positive outlook, ready and willing to cover wherever needed. He is a breath of fresh air and truly a part of our faculty.”

Jennifer Broderick, School Counselor, wrote: “Jase is a great team player and supports success for all students on a daily basis. He is kind and compassionate to the needs of students and staff and is always willing to lend a hand.”

Chelsea Salvatore, Wellness Teacher, wrote: “Jace has filled in not only for wellness working very closely with myself and Audra Larson, but he is a help wherever needed. More importantly, he does it with a smile on his face. He is always asking what he can do to help. He also has been great with the students he teaches, building connections and relationships with them.”

Joseph Grabowski, Social Studies Teacher, wrote: “Jase continues to sub at our school on a regular basis. He has made connections with the kids and they love him. He has built relationships with teachers in the building and is a team player in supporting our school where needed!”

Elizabeth Negron, Head Secretary, wrote: “Jase has been, and continues to be an essential Para for us. Jase never says no to anything that is asked of him and gives 110% each and every day. He supports our school in many ways. Our students are very fond of him and he demonstrates compassion and understanding toward each and every one he makes contact with. Jase is a pleasure to work with and we appreciate having him assigned to our school.”

Lindsay Annis
Beaufort County Schools, NC

Lindsay was nominated five times this month by colleagues at Bath Elementary School who all had such wonderful things to say!

Casey Schulte, Social Studies Teacher, wrote: “Mrs. Annis is an outstanding educator when she subs in my classroom. This past month, Mrs. Annis was a guest speaker, and volunteered for our Colonial Day. She goes above and beyond in all things.”

Lisa Askew, ELA Teacher, wrote: “Lindsay goes above and beyond. She volunteers her time to help with anything we need. She volunteers materials. She helps the students with their work instead of simply giving work to them.”

Mary Godley, Bookkeeper, wrote: “Lindsay arrives extra early to greet staff and students and get prepared for the day. She helps other substitutes with the sign in process, finding classrooms, and understanding lesson plans. If she subbed in the class before she gives them tips on how things are done. During her planning time she goes around asking teachers and office staff if there is anything she can help with. She is willing to do anything. She stays and covers afternoon duties. She has even stayed and worked out with the football team. Lindsay is always smiling and energetic. Our students and staff love her and her energy. She is a positive role model in our school and community.”

Jamie Bradsher, 3rd Grade Teacher, wrote: “Lindsay does a great job. She’ll teach the lessons so your class can continue to learn. Kids love her!”

Brandy Council, 3rd Grade Teacher, wrote: “Mrs. Annis is always so willing to sub and is very flexible with plans if something comes up. My students always beg specifically for her when I’m out. She teaches, not babysits. She definitely deserves this award.”

Daniela Sheplo
Fair Lawn Public Schools, NJ

Daniela was nominated by Nancy Schwindt, Principal at Memorial Middle School, who wrote: “Ms. Sheplo is reliable, dedicated, and always willing to lend a helping hand. Her care for the students at Memorial Middle School and her collaboration with the staff is admirable. Ms. Sheplo is also extremely versatile in her skillset. As already stated, Ms. Sheplo is always willing to lend a helping hand, regardless of the various positions she is shifted to throughout the day. Her flexibility to work with students with a variety of needs is invaluable to Memorial Middle School. Ms. Sheplo does not shy away from working with students in our autism programs. Ms. Sheplo goes above and beyond as evidenced in her willingness to learn about each child’s individual program and support their needs. Ms. Sheplo is an asset to Memorial Middle School, and we are very lucky to have her join us each day.”

Ervina Tso
Gallup-McKinley County Schools, NM

Ervina was nominated five times this month by the staff at Chee Dodge Elementary School who are appreciative of the different roles she has taken as a substitute.

Melanie Skersick, Teacher, wrote: “Ms. Tso has taken over a 1/2 split class after losing 2 teachers from that room. She goes beyond her duties and is always ready to step up. She has earned this honor many, many times.”

Augustina Peterson-Teller, PreK Teacher, wrote: “Ervina is taking a role in teaching and taking on a basketball coach position. She continues to support our Chee Dodge students with positivity by acknowledging their efforts. Thank You Ervina! Chee Dodge Bobcats Appreciate You!”

Lea Gambuti, Kindergarten Teacher, wrote: “Longevity and experience. Ms. Tso knows how to run any elementary grade just as well as any classroom teacher. In fact, she can do it better than a first-year teacher. She knows how to teach and keep discipline in a calm loving way. We love having her here as a part of our school. She is here almost everyday. I admire her commitment to our students.”

Christine Sanchez, Dean, wrote: “Ms. Tso is one in a million who should be a teacher. I have worked with Ms. Tso in various aspects and she amazes me every time. She is knowledgeable in the content which needs to be taught, her classroom management is amazing. She can set expectations for the classrooms and the students respect and respond to her. She is amazingly respectful and flexible and willing to learn any position we put her in and succeed in that position, from Pre-K- 5th. She is fun and participates in all our school activities. She truly belongs in the classroom. She deserves all the recognition and then some. Thank you Ms. Tso for all you do!!! Chee Dodge Bobcats Staff and Students love her!”

Paula Jeffers, First Grade Teacher, wrote: “Since I have been employed for the District, Ms. Tso has always been willing to sub as needed. She has stepped up to be a long term substitute when needed and been able to follow lesson plans or just jump right in and teach without hesitation. These are the reasons I am nominating her.”

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!