Congratulations to Our October Employees of the Month!

Each month, our partner school districts submit glowing reviews of our employees, from which we select four employees of the month. We’re pleased to recognize our honorees from October 2023!

Neromanie Mocarsky
Manchester Public Schools, CT

Neromanie was nominated by Gitar King, Administrative Assistant at Bowers Elementary School, who wrote: “Neromanie has been with us for three years, and she has been NOTHING but EXCEPTIONAL. She comes in happy and excited about her next assignment. She takes the time to learn our student’s names and get to know them. Neromanie has even volunteered for the Bowers PTA on her off hours many times. She gives 110% to everything she does. She has great classroom management, and when there is trouble (rarely), she will call the office. We have been very fortunate with her. Neromanie has been a great asset to Bowers School, and we don’t know what we would do without her. I can’t believe I haven’t written a nomination for her!”

Renee Pagano
Lincoln County R-III Schools, MO

Renee was nominated twice this month by colleagues at Troy Middle School, who both had such wonderful things to say!

Rebecca Williams, Librarian, wrote: “Renee is fantastic! She is great with the kids and, as a retired teacher, with great wisdom and experience. She always adjusts lessons to make them better for student’s comprehension, giving me ideas and insight along the way. On more than one occasion, her guidance helped to inform my teaching practices, making my slides more easily understood by students. Renee is amazing at library tasks, accomplishing them quickly and efficiently, often much faster than if I were to do them myself. The last time I left, I asked that my genre shelves be lined with the color that matches the section – she apologized for not finishing all 48 bookshelves! I know when I leave my library and students in her care, we are in good hands. Books will be shelved, displays will be neat, and tasks will be finished. She is my first choice for a sub and more than once, I have changed my day off, if possible, so I can enjoy my day without worrying about how things are going. My library always looks better when I return, and I know that anything I’ve left to do or teach will be done at least as well as if I’d done it myself, and usually better. I appreciate her so much. Exceptional is simply a good start at describing her as a substitute teacher. There are so many more words, like driven, accomplished, wise, kind, thoughtful, and more, that could describe her efforts in my library, but exceptional starts summing it up.”

Sarah Mattingly, Library Paraprofessional, wrote: “Renee is an exceptional substitute. I know that when she is subbing for me, I don’t have to worry about a thing! She is a very hard worker and does her best with everything. She always goes above and beyond completing all the tasks I have left for her to do plus a whole lot more. Having her as a substitute is a great asset to our school district. She is simply AMAZING!”

Brittany White
Martin County Schools, NC

Brittany was nominated four times this month by colleagues at Riverside Middle School, who all had such heartfelt things to say!

Kathy Manning, Teacher, wrote: “Ms. White is a very dedicated substitute at our school. She always does a very professional job in my classroom and leaves everything in order. Whenever I need a substitute, I always ask her first.”

Lisa Bargelt, Media Coordinator, wrote: “Brittany is a very exceptional employee. She is a very conscientious and kind employee. She is always willing to help others, responds quickly to work requests, and is always prompt and professional. Brittany is an overall good person and an excellent employee. I’m always very disappointed when she is not available.”

Veronica Speller, Teacher Assistant, wrote: “Ms Brittany White has been working at our school for several years. She has covered several different capacities ranging from all three grades (6th, 7th, and 8th), ISS Coordinator, custodian, bus driver, and coaching our cheerleaders. Ms White interacts very well with the students and staff. She is very pleasant, friendly and hard-working. Ms Brittany White goes above and beyond her ability to help make RMS a positive and productive learning school.”

Karen Taylor, Language Facilitator, wrote: “Brittany has been an asset to Riverside Middle School. She jumps to help out whenever and wherever she can. She is willing to do what it takes to get the job done. She subs on the school bus as well. Even when she does not see an assignment fitting into her schedule, she finds a way to make it work. When she wins this, it will be well-deserved. Way to go, Brittany! The spotlight is on Brittany White!”

Naomi Jeffs
Washington County School District, UT

Naomi Jeffs was nominated by Cami Petty, Secretary at Paradise Canyon Elementary, who wrote: “Mrs. Jeffs came to school, checked in, and was a superstar. She was going to be doing several different tasks for the day. We started by assigning her to cut up some math strips, which she had the best attitude about doing. Then, when another sub hadn’t arrived for his assignment, Mrs. Jeffs jumped right in and took over that classroom. When the other sub arrived, it was obvious that Mrs. Jeffs should stay in the classroom, as she had excellent classroom management. I’ve checked in on her occasionally, and she’s been happy. She’s been flexible, knowledgeable, and downright delightful. She deserves to be Employee of the Month. I hope we have her back on many more occasions.”

Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!