Promoting Kindness in the Classroom

Kindness Confetti.jpg

Did you know that we’re in the midst of National Random Acts of Kindness Week? Kindness is a simple yet impactful quality that sometimes gets overlooked. This week is the perfect opportunity to make a kindness push in your classroom. 

In recent years, schools around the country have been investing more resources into the promotion of character education. Teachers have the responsibility not only to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic – but also to guide students to become rich in character. 

We challenge you to get your students extra excited about kindness this week. Remember, it’s not only important to be kind to others, but also to be kind to yourself.

Check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s educators page for free (and meaningful!) K-12 lesson plans that promote this invaluable quality. The foundation reminds us: “Don’t expect kindness in schools – teach it!”

Also check out and share this video from A Better World’s YouTube Channel: Color Your World with Kindness. It’s a heartwarming two-minute animation that illustrates how kindness is contagious.