Smart Classroom Management – An Amazing Resource for Educators

Who is better qualified to give education advice than someone who has taught every grade level from kindergarten through high school over the past 31 years?

Michael Linsin founded his blog Smart Classroom Management in 2009. This incredible resource features more than 600 articles and videos that cover a variety of classroom management topics. Linsin’s approach to classroom management is to hold students accountable while fostering a classroom that students love to be a part of. His strategies and techniques are designed to get students to want to behave.

“This combination of strength and joy holds the key to effective classroom management.”

– Michael Linson

Furthermore, the Smart Classroom Management blog encourages readers to provide their own input on each post through a comments section. This creates an ideal opportunity to interact with other educators who have varied perspectives, experiences, and knowledge.

ESS highly recommends the Smart Classroom Management blog as an excellent resource for our employees. The link is available on our Resources Portal for easy access whenever you’d like fresh insights on managing the classroom.

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