Considering the STEM Program? See what this graduate has to say.
STEM graduate

We are thrilled to announce that we have our first graduate of the STEM program! The STEM program is a partnership between ESS and Accelerate Learning that offers several professional certificate opportunities at a deeply discounted rate through the National Institute for STEM Education (NISE). If you pursue one of these in-demand STEM programs, ESS will cover 50% of the already-discounted cost! You will receive the special rate of $166.50.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn and earn CEUs (Continuing Education Units) or college credits in a 100% online, convenient, self-paced format. STEM represents a modern approach to education with principles that can be applied to any lesson plan and enhance any teaching situation. STEM teaching will help you engage students in ways that other areas cannot, to develop unique cognitive skills, habits of mind, and attitudes that will benefit learners throughout their lives.

We asked our graduate, Brittany, what she would say to anybody considering the STEM program. Here’s what she had to say:

“Hello! My name is Brittany Moores! I’ve been a substitute with ESS from 2017 to 2020. I took a break as the pandemic hit. I hit the ground running back into substitute teaching in November 2022. During the summer of 2023, ESS advertised STEM courses to us fellow substitutes which spiked my interest.

There is always room to learn, and I definitely love a challenge! I completed the STEM Micro Certification courses. This is 12 courses totaling 36 hours. I made a goal for myself to finish by August to be prepared for a new school year to apply my STEM accomplishment to my classes. I finished these courses in 5 days. It was like a book I couldn’t put down till it was complete. I learned how to plan a lesson and be prepared for anything!

As most of us grew up with Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus, and MythBusters you can bring them into the classroom through YOU when you take these STEM courses. We all know, learning strategies and curriculums have changed throughout education over the years, especially with STEM being believed it only applies to science, but these courses apply STEM in every class, and every grade level. My STEM accomplishment has made me a better substitute for years to come for every class I step foot in.

As they say, when you open your mind there are endless possibilities, STEM makes that happen in more ways than one. As Mrs. Frizzle says, “Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!!!” Take the chance on STEM! Thank you, ESS, for this amazing learning opportunity for us substitutes!”

If you would like to learn more information, register for a program, or learn more about upcoming webinars with NISE, please visit