Virtual Classroom: An Online Education Option during COVID-19
Proximity Learning Virtual Classroom

While schools are closed due to COVID-19, districts are working tirelessly to ensure that student achievement continues. Furthermore, educators are rising to the challenge of distance education with the assistance of online education resources. These tools can be quite useful, but with little time to prepare for this major shift in instruction, teachers can easily become overwhelmed. For some districts, a more structured approach may help faculty and students thrive during this complicated situation.

Proximity Learning (part of the ESS family of companies) specializes in virtual education. Through the Virtual Classroom program, your students can access a variety of pre-established online courses. Meanwhile, your teachers can lead classes remotely and tailor instruction to fit students’ particular needs.

Grade Levels

Virtual Classroom courses are geared toward middle and high school students (6th – 12th grade). Standard and specialized courses are available for each grade level.


Students and teachers will have 24/7 access to Virtual Classroom courses via any internet-enabled device. Students without internet access can download free smartphone apps.


Virtual Classroom offers a catalog of accredited courses that align with National Standards. Each course features an online curriculum, assessments, discussion boards, and homework. Students will have access to math, science, language arts, history, and world language courses that correspond with their current schedules.


Once assigned to a Virtual Classroom course, your teachers can grade work, upload additional materials, and interact with students. They have the option to prerecord lessons or lead classes remotely.


Should you decide that this program will benefit your district, our team will upload your student roster and assign your teachers to classes as quickly as possible.


We’ll host a live webinar training for your teachers and students. All users will learn how to access the system and get the most out of their virtual education experience.

Virtual Classroom Cost

For the cost of $50 per student, each student will have access to five accredited courses. The program will be available from the time you join through June 30, 2020.

We hope Virtual Classroom provides a helpful option for you to consider during this unprecedented time. To learn more about this program, please click here to find a partnership director in your area.