Why College Students Should Become Substitute Teachers

Juggling classes, schoolwork, and a social life is not an easy feat for college students. On top of that, finding a substantial job that will work around your busy class schedule can seem nearly impossible. If you’re a college student looking for work-life balance and extra spending money, look no further! Substitute teaching is a rewarding and exciting experience that all college students should consider – regardless of their major. Beyond the flexible schedule and weekends/holidays off, there are many benefits of becoming a substitute teacher that college students can reap.

You’ll develop skills that will help you succeed in any career.

Without question, substitute teaching is a valuable experience for education majors. However, this job requires skills that are arguably needed to succeed in any line of work. Substitute teachers need to be reliable, organized, able to multitask, and communicate with others effectively. Often, they’re in situations that require them to adapt or problem-solve on the spot. As a substitute teacher, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to apply and improve these skills before graduating. (Also see: 10 Transferrable Skills of Substitute Teaching)

There’s no set schedule; you get to pick which days you want to work.

Job flexibility is a key factor for anyone, but especially for college students. Class schedules vary from day to day, and long breaks throughout the year can lead to changes in availability. Having a secure job that allows you to choose which days you work is a major perk of being a substitute teacher! Not to mention, you’ll never get called in on weekends – guaranteeing time to catch up on schoolwork or take a breather after a busy week.

It’s an impressive job to add to your resume.

Most students look for a job at some point during their college career to help support themselves. Instead of finding a typical part-time college job, why not start a job that will help boost your resume? Substitute teaching is a professional position that will stand out and make for an outstanding addition to your resume! Working with children is not an easy task, and employers will surely be impressed to see what you’ve accomplished. Plus, you’ll likely garner some meaningful stories to share during interviews that emphasize your work ethic.

You’ll gain marketable teaching and networking experience.

For prospective teachers, substitute teaching is a fantastic opportunity to hone your skills before becoming a full-time teacher. You’ll gain confidence in your teaching abilities and learn which grade or subject is a natural fit! Even if you’re not an education major, you never know when having a bit of teaching experience will come in handy. Furthermore, subbing allows you to network at multiple schools, which can help during your job search – you can never have too many connections!

It’s a great way to transition into the “real world” after graduation.

Working as a substitute teacher will give you a real taste of adulthood. For many, this will be the first time you’re the adult in charge of a room. You’re the one who gets to call the shots and lead the class. Keep in mind, this control comes with a lot of responsibility. School staff, parents, and students are all counting on you; therefore, showing up late or calling out last-minute are not options. It can be exciting and a bit nerve-racking at first, but this is good practice for when you enter the “real world” after graduation.

Substitute teaching is often a missed opportunity that college students should take advantage of while they can. It’s a terrific opportunity to work on skills that are transferrable to any career and can lead to future success! If you’re interested in becoming a substitute teacher, see what positions are available in your area at ESS.com/Jobs.