ESS Career Kickstart Incentive

ESS is excited to offer the new Career Kickstart Incentive to help start your career in education. Newly hired ESS staff will be eligible for compensation for some of the costs associated with required school district credentials. Full program details include:

  • Substitute and permanent staff must successfully work 25 assignments with ESS within 90 days of hire date to qualify for compensation.
  • Compensation applies to costs for background checks and medical checks, which includes but is not limited to health screening, drug tests, and TB tests.
  • Maximum compensation of $125 for all applicable credentials.
  • Receipts of credentialing costs must be provided to the ESS Career Kickstart Incentive Reimbursement Request Form. Please click here to access the form.
  • Credentialing compensation will be included on the second paycheck after the employee has worked 25 days, and submitted all applicable receipts.

For questions about the ESS Career Kickstart Incentive, contact us at

Requirements by State

Working with children requires several federal and state clearances which must be obtained whether you work for ESS or directly for a school district. Requirements vary by state and your personal cost for credentialing depends on a number of factors including your certification status and whether you’ve already obtained any of these clearances. To view a breakdown of requirements and potential fees, please click your state below.

Alabama RequirementsFees
ABI/FBI Criminal History Check $46.50
Alabama Substitute Teacher License $30
Arizona RequirementsFees
IVP Fingerprinting $87
State Substitute Teacher License $35
Proof of MMR vaccine (Maricopa and Pima County only) Based on Health Insurance Co-Pay
Arkansas RequirementsFees
State/FBI Fingerprinting $37
DHS Central Registry $10
California Requirements Fees
State/FBI Fingerprinting $40 - $90
Tuberculosis Test Results Based on Health Insurance Co-Pay
Colorado RequirementsFees
Fingerprinting/Background Check $52
State Substitute Teacher License $60 for 1 year and $90 from 3 years
Connecticut RequirementsFees
Department of Children and Families Child Abuse and Neglect Registry Record Check Free
CT State Background Check $75
FBI Criminal Background Check $13.25
Tuberculosis Test Results Based on Health Insurance Co-Pay
Act 16-67, Education Employment Verification Free
Delaware RequirementsFees
FBI/State Criminal History Check $85
Child Protection Request $14
Tuberculosis Test Results Based on Health Insurance Co-Pay
Florida RequirementsFees
Fingerprinting/Background Check Varies by Location: $60-$78
Georgia RequirementsFees
State/FBI Fingerprint Check $48-$67
Drug Screen (Savannah Chatham Only) $10
Idaho RequirementsFees
State/FBI Background Check $38.25
Indiana RequirementsFees
Expanded Criminal History Check (ECH) $31.75
Substitute Teacher Permit $16.32
Louisiana RequirementsFees
State/FBI Fingerprint Check $49.25
Massachusetts RequirementsFees
Fingerprinting/Background Check $35
Michigan RequirementsFees
Livescan Fingerprints Code (SE) Varies by location $60-$70
Substitute Teacher Permit $45 /school year
Mississippi RequirementsFees
State/FBI Fingerprinting Varies by Location: $32-$40
Missouri RequirementsFees
FBI/Highway Patrol Background Check $41.75
Substitute Teacher Certificate $50
New Jersey RequirementsFees
Criminal History Approval/New Fingerprints $11 Processing Fee; $67.38 Required to Schedule IdentoGo Appointment
Criminal History Archive $29.75
Criminal History Transfer $6
Tuberculosis Test Results Based on Health Insurance Co-Pay
NJ Teacher Certificate (if applicable) Cost paid by Applicant to the state of NJ via University attended (cost not associated with ESS)
NJ Substitute Teacher Certificate (60+ college credits or more) $125
NJ Substitute Teacher Certificate Renewal (60+ college or more) $125
NJ Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release Form Free
New Mexico RequirementsFees
State/FBI Fingerprinting Varies by location: $59 to $118
Substitute and EA Certificate $50
North Carolina RequirementsFees
Background Check $22
Health Form / Tuberculosis Test Results Based on Health Insurance Co-Pay
Drug Test (only in Newton- Conover and Pitt) $12
Ohio RequirementsFees
BCI/FBI Background Check $47.25
Substitute Teacher Certificate $25
Oklahoma RequirementsFees
State/FBI Fingerprinting $58
Oregon RequirementsFees
State/FBI Fingerprinting $12.50
Background Check $65
Central Background Registry - PreK-12 Only $35
Substitute Teacher License - In-State $140
Substitute Teacher License - Out-of-State $190
Drug Screen - Varies by Location and Positions $45
Arrest Conviction Report Free
PA State Criminal Record Check $22
Child Abuse Clearance $13
FBI Fingerprinting $23.85
TB Test/Physical Based on Health Insurance Co-Pay
Emergency Permit (Teaching Positions) Varies by Location
Act 126 – Mandated Child Abuse Reporter Training Free
Act 168 – Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Disclosure Release Free
Rhode IslandFees
BCI/FBI Background Check $35 (Increasing to $45 effective 1/3/23)
Tuberculosis Test Based on Health Insurance Co-Pay
South Carolina RequirementsFees
Criminal Background Check: BIB $22
TB Test Based on Health Insurance Co-Pay
TBI/FBI Criminal Background Check $32-$38
Medical Screening - Varies By District Based on Health Insurance Co-Pay
Drug Screen - Varies By District Free
Texas RequirementsFees
State/FBI Fingerprinting Varies by Location: $37 - $50
Utah RequirementsFees
State/FBI Background Check Varies by Location: $0 to $60
Reference Check (53G-11-410) Free
Virginia RequirementsFees
State/FBI Fingerprinting $38
State Child Protective Service Clearance $10
TB Screening Based on Health Insurance Co-Pay