The Advantages of ESS

ESS delivers exceptional service and highly talented staff to enhance our partners’ ability to promote student achievement.

Proven Success

With 23 years of experience in K-12 education, our program has become the industry’s leading solution. Over 900+ school districts nationwide have chosen ESS as the ideal partner for managing their education staffing programs.

Responsive Service

We provide local management professionals with limitless corporate support to ensure our partnership’s success. Your ESS management team works with you daily to oversee operations and offer effective solutions.

Education Focused

Founded by the son of a substitute teacher, education is our passion. As the largest education-exclusive staffing provider in the country, we understand that the care and instruction of our children should never be a side project.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Our program specializes in all facets of education staffing management. Whatever your staffing needs may be, we can provide professional people, processes, and systems so that your District can focus on its core goal of quality education.

Personal Approach

Just as each student has unique needs, so does each school district. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your District, your students, and your community.