District and Employee Support

Your District Will Be Supported Locally

We have offices near all our clients, and in many cases our local offices are even located within District  buildings. ESS’ regional team members are present in the District regularly, building close relationships with school principals, teachers, and other District staff.

Your Full-Time Faculty Will Be Empowered

Your full-time teachers will have a voice in deciding which substitutes they feel are the best fit for their classrooms. Additionally, ESS hosts onsite information sessions at the start of the partnership to educate your staff and administrators on best practices and how to get the most out of the program.

Current Talent Will Be Offered An Opportunity To Work

Your District likely has many talented substitute, long-term, and permanent employees who you’d like to see continue to work in your schools when our partnership begins. We want that too. ESS offers all interested staff the opportunity to continue working under our partnership.

Employees Are Paid Fairly

ESS firmly believes that those working in education deserve to be compensated fairly for their selfless work. We will make every effort to match the pay rates your staff earned under district management (or third party if applicable).

All Employees Are Provided Benefits

In addition to our employee incentive initiatives, ESS staff are provided access to a range of benefits including healthcare, 401(k), and eligibility to apply for unemployment during the summer months.

Talent Is Hired Locally

When we partner with your District, we’re also partnering with your community to create job opportunities. Our recruitment efforts target local talent with strategies including advertisements in local papers, posting on job boards, and becoming involved in community events.

Non-Stop Recruiting

We utilize the industry’s most advanced marketing and recruitment strategies every day of the year to build a substantial pool of qualified talent available year-round. Our recruitment is a continuous and proactive effort.

100% Compliance

ESS fully complies with all state regulations for credentialing such as background checks and criminal history review. Employee compliance is continuously monitored through our system’s automated audits and expiration notifications.

Trained and Prepared Personnel

Each employee participates in comprehensive, position-specific training to ensure that they are prepared, confident, and capable before they work in your school District.