What to Expect

You have made the monumental decision to partner with a substitute teacher staffing company to grow your pool of professional substitute teachers and improve absence fill rates. So where do you go from here, and what should you expect when working with a quality substitute staffing company? Here are some things to look for each step along the way.

Transition & Start-up

Once a quality substitute staffing company begins putting down roots in your school District, they work to understand its unique culture and determine best-fit solutions to achieve your specific goals. This involved creating a plan to convert current staff, recruit additional employees, integrate technology, and deliver program transparency through robust reporting.  

When you decide to partner with ESS, you can count on our local team to establish a presence and get to work on day one. As we assimilate into your school community, we are poised to match high-quality candidates with your specific requirements. Beginning with a dedicated team focused on top-notch customer service, you can count on the investment of our vast corporate resources to support your District throughout the transition period – and every day of our partnership.

Talent Conversion to Onboarding

When taking on a staffing partner, it’s common for school districts to have concerns about their valued “district originals” – those substitute teachers who have effectively served your District in the past. Without missing a beat, a quality substitute staffing company quickly converts your current, active substitute staff and gets them moving through the onboarding process. 

After partnering with ESS, any initial concerns are quickly quelled. We immediately send a welcome packet inviting your “District originals” to an orientation session that sets them on the path to employment with ESS. As we answer all questions regarding wages, benefits, and additional perks, we also expedite the verification of credentials to ensure your seasoned substitutes can continue supporting your District with no interruption in service.

Recruiting New Talent

From meeting all state-mandated qualifications to fulfilling all requirements set forth by the District, you should expect that the most highly qualified substitutes are hired to address and improve absence fill rates. Quality staffing agency leaves no stone unturned when recruiting new substitute teachers to enhance your talent pool. With years of experience cultivating expertise in education staffing, they ensure your access to high-caliber candidates.

Your ESS team works with you to develop a customized recruiting and marketing plan. We capitalize on traditional recruitment measures such as university visits and job fairs, and we also utilize job boards and social media to reach the widest audience. Our outreach includes participation in district and community events with the potential to engage parents, college students, and retirees. Through widely focused recruitment efforts which are at work 365 days a year, ESS identifies the best new candidates for your school community before engaging them in face-to-face training with experienced educators.

District Implementation

Once your staffing partner has assessed requirements, needs, and concerns, they will work with you to establish a workable timeline. Partnering with a quality substitute staffing agency should maximize ease of scheduling, increase access to pertinent attendance data, and optimize efficiency while minimizing personnel efforts and paperwork.

With more than 650 internal team members across the country, ESS has developed a dynamic multi-tiered support system second to none. While your local management team provides hands-on, in-district oversight of daily operations, the expertise of our regional office and the resources of our national hub are as close as a phone call or quick flight away. We can provide customized orientations for district administrators and staff members to ensure a seamless transition to our program.  

Additionally, ESS invests in its partner communities through educational and philanthropic initiatives that empower teachers and address needs in the community. Through ongoing efforts like anti-bullying campaigns and autism awareness to seasonal food, coat, and holiday gift drives, we support our school communities and provide opportunities for our employees to make meaningful contributions outside the classroom as well.

Systems Integration

A quality staffing company helps district administrators integrate absence tracking and substitute staffing software with other business and human resources systems. These may include employee attendance, time management, and payroll software. 

ESS’s mobilized technology experts review district systems and lead the transfer of key personnel and absence data. As we streamline systems integration, you will realize greater program efficiency and a lightened administrative burden. Your partnership with ESS encompasses training sessions and scheduled check-ins for central office and building administrators, but also includes on-demand support to help you customize reports and analyze real-time attendance data.

Reaping the Benefits of a Productive Partnership

The benefits of a partnership with a quality substitute staffing agency are clear. From the onset of fact-finding and problem-solving to the long-term management of your professional substitutes, an effective staffing company ensures that you are briefed and prepared, that concerns and questions are answered, and that you are expertly supported every step of the way. Taking a systematic approach to absence management is the most logical and forward-thinking strategy for the students, staff, and other stakeholders of your school community.

Contact ESS for innovative staffing solutions that meet your needs and expectations. With decades of education-exclusive staffing experience, ESS will provide quality substitute teacher staffing according to your specifications. Backed by an award-winning management structure, our customer-driven local team will walk you through the process step by step.