Why Partner

ESS is the largest education-exclusive talent company in the country, providing full-service management programs to K-12 school districts for over 23 years. Our solutions are designed to relieve administrative burdens, improve day-to-day operations, and place high-quality substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff.

We work closely with school districts to absorb the daily tasks of hiring, credentialing, training, managing, evaluating, placing, and retaining skilled employees. Unmatched customer service and ample resources allow us to provide your District a partnership that truly cares about your students and your community. A partnership with ESS is a commitment to provide quality education in your schools.

Our Commitment

Improved Fill Rates

Your talent pool will grow as a result of a customized recruitment campaign developed specifically for your District. Our program emphasizes working incentives and substitute efficiency to drive fill rates and promote continuity.

Administrative Relief

We recruit, screen, credential, hire, train, and place qualified staff while investing in advanced systems to improve program efficiency. Our fully integrated absence management, human resources, and payroll systems help to streamline processes and produce customized reporting.

Highly Qualified Employees

Our talent pool includes individuals with diverse certifications and skills to ensure a great fit for every position. Employees undergo face-to-face, interactive training with ongoing development opportunities to keep them up-to-date on the latest education practices.

Customer Service

Your District will benefit from ESS’ unique management structure, designed to best benefit your District, your students, and your community. A dedicated local management team, corporate resources, and live support representatives will serve your District daily.

Cost Savings & Avoidance

Whether it’s payroll expenses, pension contributions, or one of many insurance costs, we take it all off your District’s plate. Additionally, we eliminate rising costs to your general fund and decrease indirect costs by freeing up invaluable district resources.