Simplify your substitute program with willsub+

The willsub+ system is a cutting-edge, web-based absence management software developed from the ground up by industry experts to be simple, intuitive, and rich with features. Designed to provide the most user-friendly experience on the market with even more useful features, willsub+ simplifies the absence process for your administrators, school staff, and substitutes.

You deserve willsub+

You deserve an absence management solution with more features and less stress.

Enjoy convenient simplicity
Convenience, simplicity, and efficiency are key when it comes to managing absences. We built willsub+ to be intuitive and mobile-friendly, including free smartphone apps for school staff and substitutes.

Fill absences faster
Easily post absences and streamline your absence approval processes through the intuitive willsub+ interface and free smartphone apps.

Make management easier
Empower your administrators with management tools, automate time-consuming management decisions, and customize the system to meet the unique needs of your District

Increase substitute quality
Connect with your favorite substitutes easily with preferred lists and automations. Easily communicate lesson plans, instructions, and information between staff, subs, and administrators.

willsub+ is better for administrators

Your absence management software shouldn’t limit what your administrators can and can’t do. willsub+ gives you the tools you need to succeed through the most intuitive software solution available.

  • Customize schedules for each employee on a day-by-day basis, including unique start times, end times, and break times.
  • Assign specific GL codes per employee and per absence type, ensuring each absence is funded from the correct source.
  • Access administrator attachments on absences, separate from attachments for substitutes and viewable only by administrators.
  • Establish approval processes for supplemental substitute requests in addition to requests for absence coverage.
  • Minimize billing adjustments by allowing administrative users to view projected pay rates and bill rates during the verification process.

willsub+ is better for school staff

The modern educator has enough to worry about without the added stress of an overly complicated absence software. Experience the benefits of a software solution designed with your team in mind.

  • Provide your staff the convenience of willsub+ right at their fingertips through the free willsub+ smartphone app – more than 50% of assignments are created through the app.
  • Always get your favorite substitutes with dynamic preferred lists – if a teacher’s preferred subs aren’t available, the system automatically moves to the school’s preferred list.
  • Increase classroom continuity during multi-day assignments – substitutes must be available for the full duration of a multi-day assignment to accept the position.
  • Allow your school staff to see their remaining PTO balances broken out by PTO type, or choose to only display PTO that’s been used so far.
  • Give teachers the full picture about their absences by displaying canceled absences in addition to regular absence information.

willsub+ is better for substitutes

Your schools and students deserve reliable coverage with high-quality substitutes. That’s why willsub+ makes it easier than ever to connect qualified subs to your assignments.

  • Increase fill rates as your substitutes accept more positions through the free willsub+ smartphone app – over 84% of assignments are accepted through the app.
  • Notify substitutes about assignments via text, email, online alerts, and mobile notifications with convenient options to accept positions to increase the chances of coverage.
  • Let substitutes see the positions and locations they want with job type filtering and favorites, so you can be sure you’ve got a confident, capable substitute in every assignment.
  • Prearrange your favorite substitutes – both the teacher and prearranged sub will be notified once assigned, and subs can’t be prearranged unless available and properly qualified.
  • Display long-term assignments to all qualified subs, even those that may have accepted a daily assignment – your long-term vacancies deserve the best-qualified substitute.

Designed by educators, for educators

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