Virtual & In-Person Teaching Solutions

The education sector is one of the hardest hit areas of COVID-19. As districts across the country prepare for the many uncertainties of the upcoming school year, everyone must take steps to adjust to the new normal.

Recent studies show that the 2020/2021 school year will likely bring increased teacher resignations, parents seeking at-home learning options, and in some areas, an extension of remote education. Committed to helping your District reopen stronger than ever, ESS (in conjunction with our Proximity Learning division) offers proven in-person and virtual solutions to address any obstacle you may encounter.

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Virtual Teachers

Research indicates that record numbers of teachers are unlikely to return to physical classrooms as a precaution against COVID-19. Fortunately, it’s simple to fill your classrooms with our highly trained and certified Virtual Teachers. Providing live, interactive classes for your students, this solution will fit neatly into your District’s budget.

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Virtual School

Many parents are considering at-home learning options for next school year. To keep these students within your District and retain ADA funding, ESS can equip your District with our fully functional Virtual School. This dynamic program features more than 200 accredited courses that align with state standards. Most importantly, our Virtual School offers a secure at-home learning alternative that will not impede student progress.

Virtual Education Training

With the sudden appearance of COVID-19, teachers jumped into virtual education with very little preparation and much frustration. In some areas, remote education will likely extend into fall. To mitigate this problem, our nationally certified Virtual Teachers can train your staff to instruct online in a more effective manner. Making this investment in your staff increases the likelihood that your students will receive the education they deserve, while minimizing the number of teachers abandoning their positions due to burnout.

In-Person & Virtual Substitutes

The current environment will not only create a teacher shortage; it may likely diminish your substitute pool as well – at a time when substitutes are more indispensable than ever. With recruiting efforts in full force, the ESS substitute pool stands strong and is ready to provide coverage in a variety of scenarios. We have highly qualified virtual substitutes to fill in during remote learning, daily substitutes to cover your everyday needs in the classroom, and long-term substitutes to provide extended coverage for any classroom vacancies.

We know that times are difficult due to the pandemic, but ESS has the resources, experience, and knowledge to help your District catch up, keep up, and get ahead. If you would like to discuss these services with an ESS representative, please fill out the above form, and we’ll be in touch shortly!

About ESS

ESS is the largest education-exclusive talent company in the country. More than 750 districts partner with ESS to maintain a substantial pool of highly qualified personnel and innovative programs for their schools.

About Proximity Learning

A division of ESS, Proximity Learning is an expert in virtual education. The company elevates the traditional learning experience for students through live K-12 online instruction with access to the best teachers across the country.